Yesterday. How to step on the tracks without a harpsichord on the soul?

Went into the car, stood behind a flock of gymnasium girls in white fur coats and began to read. “The History of Ancient Rome Ceramics”, compiled by A.V. Tatarinov, was fascinating to read, from “Pushkin” to “Serpukhovskaya” reached in a minute, so it seemed. And already to go out soon, I was already cleaning the book, when suddenly the train slowed down, slowed down, rolled by inertia and froze.

When is thrift becoming its opposite?

I really like the Discovery Channel. I often watch our TV. And also channels of feature films (occasionally - even Disney channel), Euronews, they are very funny to watch, Western agitprop is ridiculously primitive. National geographic is very interesting. Just in the morning, when I have breakfast and get ready for work, the Second Life of Things is on the Discovery Channel.

"Helpers" in everyday life: how not to complicate your life?

So, thinking about acquiring the next device, you should carefully study the features of both the devices themselves and their operation, so as not to spend money on a thing that will lay a dead weight on your budget and space. What kind of instruments and priborchik, mechanisms and mechanics are not invented to simplify various economic duties ... Wash, iron, cook, wash, clean - not the most pleasant pastime!

How to overcome jealousy between children?

Every child wants to feel their need and importance. And your firstborn will get this feeling if you make him an assistant in the care of the youngest. Frequently ask the elder to bring bathing equipment, set up a diaper, take out the necessary clothes from the closet, or roll the stroller. Gently control his actions, but never refuse his help.