"Banking smiles". What are the "charms" of the cashier?

The working day was coming to an end. It was necessary to warm up the sealing wax. She rushed, and his, beloved, and left. No, in principle, he was, but in huge chunks, which they didn’t want to fit in a small wax-wax at all. I took a piece of sealing wax, left the bank and began to beat him on the ground. I threw and threw it, but at least the little thing flew off.

Why do we need courses for future parents?

If you have the opportunity, be sure to start taking courses for future parents. Joint attendance of such classes will bring you closer to your husband even more. You will learn a lot, you will understand each other better. After all, not only a pregnant woman is experiencing difficulties. Spouse often also have a hard time!

How much money is required to raise a child?

Have mercy on what special baby food is, what diapers ?! It is not necessary and harmful! A child is given by nature completely free of charge and does not require anything special that parents could not single out without harming themselves. Requires no child, and the social norm. Ridiculous, absurd, not for the good of us imposed by the social norm.

"Judge not lest ye be judged". Is that so?

This maxim exists not only in Christianity. It is present and present in various forms at different times in different religions and is not at all something unique, exceptional for the followers of Christianity. Her exclusivity is questionable. Its applicability is even more so. At least for one, the most important reason: its wisdom is intended for a person whose morality and norms are constantly changing, and often following it, without distortion and by letter, is not possible.

What prevents us from living?

It is not surprising that there are such people and circumstances that poison our life. They are an all-knowing colleague, a critical or capricious boss, an indifferent spouse, poor maintenance and broken-down roads. The reasons and circumstances do not count. Even if they annoy us not on purpose, we are still upset, angry and worried.