Where is nature calling? To the World Day of the toilet

Yet the organizers had the wisdom and sense of humor, and now among the celebrated dates, the inhabitants of the Earth had another - somewhat extravagant - object for celebration. And in 2009, the short, but so important for the needs of mankind, the term “toilet” (in the English version of the toilet bowl) celebrated its centenary.

How is beer-wine-vodka tasting? Humorous report

Judging by your faces, you did not spend yesterday evening at the Bolshoi Theater, or at the Tretyakov Gallery, or even at the Darwin Museum, so for the beginning I advise you to taste “Hunt Strong” beer. Beer "Hunt strong" is not really beer. To be honest, this is not a beer at all. This is a unique lifestyle, a very special way of thinking, in a word, a certain elite private club, which you can get into only on the recommendation of its members, which are becoming smaller every day ... Take a sip, but do not swallow ... Rinse your mouth, because the taste of beer at the root of the tongue, back of the mouth ... Feel?

What gifts do Taurus like?

Taurus is a true master in everything to find joy and benefit. Benefit for them should always be present, in every detail. Because useless gifts do not like. Tauruses love nature, animals and the earth. Art and music, especially songs. They are excellent economists and financiers who know how and love to work with their hands. Their hobbies can extend to any kind of needlework - from simple handicraft to the creation of handmade masterpieces.

Coffee machine vs. jazz: what to prefer?

In life, as you know, there are two misfortunes - to get what you want or not to get it at all. Everyone feels it in his own way: for some, it is metamorphosis in the mind about a loved one (“was there a boy? ...”), for others, Pyrrhic victory (“for what they fought, and for that”) still. I have this coffee machine.

What are the rules for successful people?

When successful people talk about their success stories, they all look alike. The basis of the rules (principles), hard work, the desire to achieve goals. The rules of successful people are universal. Their quotes become winged. 1. Do until you reach the result. After failure, many people are afraid to do business, citing: "This is not mine."

Is there altruism?

Such behavior, when a person cares about the welfare of others, is called altruistic. In addition, altruism is called selfless deeds, selfless, associated with the sacrifice of their own interests, committed for the interests of other people. Altruism probably took its roots from the Christian commandment "Love your neighbor as yourself."