How a formidable wild boar became a pig or What do we know about the Florentine holidays?

In fact, this is a copy of the ancient work, the “original” formidable wild boar (the ancient original) is kept in the Uffizi Gallery. But soon there will be 400 years (and by piglet you can’t say it - still quite in juice by Florentine standards), as a copy was cast and placed in the center of the city next to the market. Even then he was called a boar. He is associated with one tale and two different legends, and maybe more.

And in the neighborhood - whether the Straw Market, or Porosyachy. And the “Kalashny ranks” of this serious old market during the reign of Cosimo I (where bankers, jewelry and silk merchants gathered) approached the “pig's snout” as if it were my own.

Piglet - il Porcellino - party to the fairy tale Andersen "Bronze Boar". The storyteller himself defined the fairy tale as a fairy tale byl. And there was a bronze boar in it, a boy who raced on it through the city. This boy was destined to touch what is the pride of Florence - painting.

But there is even more ancient history. They say that five centuries ago, a wild and very ferocious boar ran into the city. Frightened residents were hiding in their homes, afraid to stick their noses on the street, where the beast raged. But one little boy didn’t think to be scared, bravely went out to the beast and just stroked him in the face. Brave boys are often smart. And weasel - and a boar is pleasant. The beast died down, calmed down, went back home. Weasel in some cases - quite reliable weapon. The boy was tamed by a boar, the city sighed calmly and returned to his daily business.

But there is another legend, perhaps even more ancient. Once Piglet could turn after sunset into a beautiful young man, such "as freshly painted Saint Sebastian." He fell in love, talked about his burning mystery girlfriend. The girl was very decent and told her mother. Mom - already everyone else. And Piglet forever remained a statue. Something sad happened to the girl too. It seems to have turned into a frog.

And the Piglet fountain is standing and is hardly turning into somebody (no information). He now has another task: he must fulfill desires. There is a very complex system with a coin that the piglet needs to feed, but the coin may not get into the proper groove, and then everything is lost. Either there will be no fountain, or the desire will not come true. Such a complicated piggy bank, many people long and stubbornly try to get a coin right, or at least rub an already shining instant penny (or piglet) pig.

There are many legends of Florence. And they are all carefully preserved by the people themselves, outside of official instructions and instructions. Once, back in 1555, the Florentine warriors with a victory entered the city with lamps, raised high on the peaks, illuminating a triumphal path.

Ever since every September 7 the whole city takes to the streets, and this is the main Florentine holiday - Festa della Rifikolona (Festa Della Rificolona). Children carry colored paper lanterns with burning candles on poles (such a flashlight is called “rifikolone”), a city fair begins, with trade, of course, but also with performances of street theaters, with songs and dances. Then the cardinal joins the procession of children, who blesses the city. That is such a wonderful and important holiday for the city of Florence.

There are other versions of the origin of the holiday. It's amazing that they all remember, tell, pass on to next generations. It is always nice to see how people remember their legends, as they mark the events of their very distant past in different countries. The events of 500-, 1000-, 2000-year-old and even deeper antiquity find their expression in today's national and city holidays.

However, Russia also has its own wonderful monuments, covered with legends, and certainly there are great military victories, moreover, quite recently, including.

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