Shumak. Where does the power of the spirit come from? Part 1

And then, when the water changed color and taste, when the country changed and this wonderful abbreviation - permanent residence (let life change), my mother told me about Shumak. An embarrassed PhD, a radiochemist and just a Chernobyl veteran, she said:

“You know, that doesn't happen. From under a single stone, literally a few centimeters from each other, they beat sources of different composition and different temperatures. And ... it's hard to explain. Hopeless patients puts Shumak on his feet. Someone's fate, hope, second life. Unique place ".

In the notes about the need to learn about the Baikal region, a drop has settled: Shumak. But it just so happened that my attitude towards Shumak changed long before I met him.

Cabinet in which order

Oshor Zandanov, the abbot of the Kyrensky Buddhist datsan, arrived in Irkutsk the day before the trip. Tunkinsky resident, he could not fit in the apartment on the fifth floor and calmed down only after tea and a long conversation about the prospects of our planet. Prospects, according to the instructions of Oshore Lama, can be quite decent, if you stop taking, giving nothing in return.

- Imagine the office of the chief, where everyone will go, take everything that is there, and at the same time organize a feast, leaving behind empty bottles and dirty plates. Such a cabinet is not needed by the boss, and if he doesn’t have enough strength to put things in order there and get rid of all the celebrants, is he? That's right, will move. So with the sacred place. Anyone.

The sacral place that we are talking about in my kitchen is the northern slopes of Tunkinsky char. Shumak mineral springs, about which much has been said and nothing is said for one who has not seen. Clean water, running away with a fair amount of noise, carrying with it troubles and illnesses, fear of tomorrow and hopelessness. The river valley and three lines of unique underground keys, magical nature and inaccessibility for the average tourist in frivolous shoes, let's say like this - accessibility. Healing herbs, air saturated with mineral fumes, vigorous locals - animals and birds. A small hostel, a tiny Buddhist temple with a roof covered with cozy moss. Such is the office. One drop of water in the universe. Tear, from the woeful turned into the one that was brushed away with a smile.

“For a long time these territories have been known to Buryats, soytes and Mongols. Legends say that Genghis Khan sent his honored soldiers to Shumak, he himself was there. When a relative has a Buryat sickness - in his blanket, through a horse - and on Shumak. If you get, ask the spirits to help, they will begin to heal - the ailment will pass. And at the beginning of the last century, an emachi-lama (lama-doctor) was made on Shumak, which was a description of the properties of each source, explanatory inscriptions were made on the stones. Now they are no longer there, but it is interesting that modern scientists have confirmed the purpose of this or that water. So, centuries are changing, science is moving forward, and we already have more opportunities - it is possible to be treated, to bring people seriously ill and from afar. It's good.

If we talk about the composition of the waters of the Shumak springs, everything seems to be traditionally healing: radon, bicarbonate, silicon, substances in small doses useful in the form of sanatorium treatment. But there is something that spiritual ministers will not talk about in detail, and that which hopeless and healed will not say. The mechanism itself is a miracle. The fact that the land of Shumak is not at all simple, you already understand from conversations with local residents, from legends and ... communicating with those who, to be honest, should have become a tear for a long time, and then dry up like a memory, to stone.

- You must understand: what Shumak heals is a second time. This is a sacred place, the point of the Earth, where it allocates special signs to the surface, say, goodwill. In these places live spirits, strong owners of the area. This kind of beacon or locator such. And if people do not treat him with respect, come, eagerly grab what they need, and leaving behind a dirty mark, leave, if there are conflicts on this earth - the office will close.

- What is it like?

- Very simple. Water will still flow to the surface, but it will be just water, like from a tap. Perfume will go elsewhere. The earth will rest from greedy people. But now Shumak has every chance of remaining the same - if only he would not harm him. And, you know, something else. They say a lot that this land treats the most severe and terrible ailments. It's true. But it should also be noted that the Shumak sources are good as a rehabilitation period for patients - after surgery, therapy with strong antibiotics that weaken the body, such patients must be taken out there, they will very quickly get back on their feet ...

- And run.

“You won't run away from there quickly,” laughs the Oshor Lama. - Perhaps nature itself took care of Shumak, hiding it in a hard-to-reach place. Difficult pass, capricious weather. Even a helicopter, you know ...

I know. My mother remarked: “Warn everyone that you can stay a few days. There will be no weather, and you will not fly away from there. ”

Frankly speaking, alluring ...

To be continued…

Watch the video: ASMR - Alan Chumak 1980's Healer real (February 2020).


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