What is the most "mythical" myth about Muscovites?

Open arms Kissing Sobs. Yelps and joyful jumps of children, shock to animals, if the guests arrived in full ammunition. Troubles in the kitchen, lamenting (not always justified) that the mouse hung itself in the refrigerator, handing over the keys.

I love my friends so much. How not to love? Dumas would not have coped with the task of describing the experience. All this is called - jointly ruined youth. But now we - in different cities and countries, have to meet infrequently.

He who visits in the morning wisely!
It is known to all, taram-param, for it is morning!

(Winnie the Pooh).

It was a pest. The man who invented that trains to the capital city should arrive early in the morning. Of course, a person who comes on a business trip should have time for all his working affairs - this is not even discussed. But how many sleepless nights are spent on visitors and greeters!

No, this man came up correctly. All the same, they would wait, they would still sleep badly. Let the trains come in the morning, even before the opening of the subway.

Joy came to our village!
(Old Central Asian saying)

The old myth of the mass consciousness: Moscow does not believe in tears, Moscow is not a hospitable city, Muscovites - then all the bad words, who in that much. And Muscovites for the most part - the same visitors, cursing once Moscow how much in vain. And now they diligently meet, accept, welcome, arrange their relatives and friends. Relatives of friends, friends of relatives, relatives of friends of relatives, just friends of friends.

There are also complications. You can hear a question from an unknown person: Do you not meet me? At 5 am? Honestly, not going. How old are you? Twenty? Big boy. And you can - will you take the subway? And can I, at this time I will see my first sweet dream? I agree even on a nightmare. And how come, get acquainted. You will have shelter, a table and ... the Internet.

It happens and trenchant. And the myth lives on. All the cities of the world are similar in many of their manifestations, but only Moscow gets the most. Even without touching politics - just the focus of sins, vices, arrogant rudeness. And the cinema more and more gives the image of the city absolutely inhuman. The recent series “The City of Temptations” simply put a stigma: the young-naive ones arrived, the path to you was no less than the panel (true, costly and “elite”).

And in fact what is interesting: no one believes that Peter is divided into “Cops” and “Gangster Petersburg”, as one would imagine in numerous films. But for some reason everyone eagerly believes all the nastiness, painted about Moscow. It seems that the subway trains drive phantoms, children are taught in schools by ghosts, and doctors in the district clinic are just a hallucination. Not to mention the scientists in the remaining research institutes, those who bake fresh bread or send astronauts from somewhere, or even give out books in libraries.

Is it possible to seriously imagine the life of a huge metropolis, consisting entirely of residents - the proposed types.

Morning in a chic country house. He goes to Mercy in the service, simultaneously giving someone the order to kill a competitor. Then he gives a bribe, then he takes it. Calls a friend pimp to prepare girls. At dinner, he steals all the oil money, sells weapons, sniffs cocaine, calls in his mistress, picks up again, goes to the casino, spins another pop star, gets a bullet from a competitor at the exit. Or is a typical Muscovite, a football fan destroying everything around him, engaged in his free time on the roads during his free time? Which image is correct? And each of them must also hate visitors, is not it?

Driving Muscovites with the last words has long been a good form. Do not scold us - we are not so evil. Just understand a lot. And about the "wait" between flights and trains, we ourselves know what a powerful transportation hub is here. And about the closed consulates in other cities and the remaining embassies in Moscow. And about the University, in which you need to enroll. And even about hospitals, which sometimes need to be sent for treatment (and visit, and meet). And about the Moscow prices that bite. So they bite us, no, they tear our not-so-great budget into parts, like the notorious Tuzik heater. And we know about rudeness - but then you don’t have the whitest of fluffy people? And the hospitality of the inhabitants of your cities knows some boundaries?

And in Moscow now its new little “myth”. You say that from Peter, they can misunderstand. Due to understandable reasons, this has been fixed for ten years at the level of urban jokes:

Cabinet official. A head pokes through the door.
- Go away!
- Yes, I'm here ... yes, I need ... yes, I am from St. Petersburg ...
- What are you ... so soon! Where is my nitroglycerin?

Yes, Muscovites do not always answer the question: how to get there (not only to the library, but also to the next street). This is the absolute truth. Most likely, really, do not know. And why is there to be surprised? If even among the leaders of the country and the city of indigenous Muscovites never existed. And then - the usual passer-by who rushes about his business and knows nothing he knows ...

And this passerby, by the way, has not heard good words in his address for a long time. And in vain. And he deserves them, as well as everything-everything in the world in this best of all worlds. But more often he hears completely different ones. And when she looks at the collective image of a Muscovite in the television series, it is difficult to suppress an attack of nausea.

But we are often uncomfortable, believe me. And we get tired endlessly. And a great deal of work, and we can get sick. But - an amazing thing: Muscovites are well aware of the problems in various parts of the globe and know for sure that there is life outside the Third Ring. They know very well, because they are connected with endless strings with all the weights-countries.

How wonderful! - in our life
Guests have and need to
Talk about everything
What is gratifying, what is disturbing

(A. Sukhanov)

And I'm going to meet again. I do not sleep well. And I will suffocate in traffic jam on Leningradka. And stagger in anticipation of the flight around the arrival hall at Sheremetyevo, scolding bad coffee (and even more - hesitant prices for it). But here they appear, those who are really waiting. Open arms Kissing Sobs. Dirty cheeks, either from road soot, or from the remnants of cosmetics.

And ahead of us - and morning, and day, and night. And once again - morning, day and night. And if you're lucky - and more than one such meeting.

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