Where on our planet is forbidden to die?

Not so long ago, she returned, and when discussing the aforementioned condition, we started talking about a ban on death - if you can forbid giving birth, can you forbid dying. A relative claimed that there are precedents in the world, but I could not believe it - it hurt somehow illogical. It's like forbidding to breathe, for example. But it turns out that a ban on death can be imposed ...

The prohibition of death is a legal ban to die in a certain place (with the imposition of fines on the family of the deceased, etc.). There are several such places.

Norwegian Longyearbyenlocated in the Arctic, on the Svalbard archipelago, which can be called unique for a variety of reasons. These are the richest deposits of minerals, these are the climatic conditions that made it possible to create a seed vault there - the “Vault of the Day” in case of a global disaster, and people living in these conditions. And the legal status that is endowed with the entire territory of the archipelago.

Officially, it belongs to Norway, but any state can conduct its own economic activity on it. 1000 residents of Longyearbyen are engaged in fishing, work in coal mines and are engaged in the field of exotic tourism. The city has fashionable hotels, a supermarket, several bars, a kindergarten, a small hospital. And there is no graveyard. The bodies buried there remain permafrost, do not decompose, and this has resulted in repeated cases of vandalism.

Le Lavandou in France, on the Cote d'Azur, was for a long time a simple fishing village within the Borme commune. In 1913, the village was separated into a separate commune and is now one of the most popular resorts in France. The legal ban on death is valid in the commune due to overcrowding of cemeteries. Prior to the adoption of this law, in 1932, in Le Lavanda, helping to put out the fire, our famous compatriot, Sasha Cherny, died.

Now in the town, if you do not reserve a plot in advance at the local cemetery, you can only live. Before he dies, he will have to leave the village. As a matter of fact, local authorities are actively looking for a place for a new cemetery, and even found one suitable near the sea. But the court of the city of Nice decided that it was too wasteful to use the land of such a popular coast under the cemetery. Mayor Le Lavender threatens in response that he will not lift the death ban until his appeal is granted.

Lack of space in cemeteries is the most common reason for imposing a ban on death. However the mayor of the brazilian city Biritiba-Mirim faced with the fact that even if there are free territories, local environmental laws do not allow them to be used under a cemetery - half of the city is located in the territory of tropical forests belonging to the national reserve, and the second is above the underground lake. And therefore he issued a decree according to which residents of the city are instructed not to die, monitor their health and regularly attend the gym. The mayor recognizes the ridiculousness of the document, but said that it was difficult to come up with the best marketing move to draw attention to the problem of the city.

Sometimes dying in one place or another is prohibited not legally, but for religious reasons. On the island Business with in Greece, according to the mythology that rose from the waters of the Aegean Sea so that Leto bore on it Apollo and Artemis, from the 5th century BC it was forbidden to die, so as not to profane the shrine.

And now you can not die on the Japanese island Miyajima. Here is the monastery of Shinto - the religion of the deification of nature. Previously, it was believed that the gods live in this place, but now there is just a heavenly spot of harmony between man and nature. And to die in the corner of harmony, respectively, is impossible.

And what is the way out, in my opinion. Probably, it is necessary in our country to improve the demographic situation not only to encourage fertility, but also to prohibit dying.

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