How many cats in Kiev? Unusual travel guide

Special, but not noted in most guidebooks, the decoration of any city is the so-called urban sculpture, which in principle does not mean anything, but gives it a special charm. Recently, more and more unusual monuments appear in Kiev - the Hedgehog in the Fog, Lanterns in Love, the Flying Cow ... But the special love of the townspeople and guests of the city goes to the sculptural images of universal pets - cats. Whom recently in the city did not count.

A kind of "feline area" can be called square near the Golden Gate. Thus, for many years, the bronze cat Pantyushch has been looking at people passing by. The living prototype of the monument grew up in the nearby Pantagruel restaurant and was the mascot of the establishment, making sure that all customers were served properly ... Until they died, suffocating during the fire, the animal, hidden from fright, could not be found for too long. After the restaurant, the gray Persian kittens were presented twice, but none of them got accustomed.

Now the creation of the sculptor Bogdan Mazur has become one of the talismans of the city - it is believed that in order to achieve the attention of Mrs. Luck, you just need to stroke the bronze Pantyusha. By the way, the sculpture was supposed to complement the bronze sparrows, but the bird was stolen immediately after installation.

On the contrary on old chestnut on st. Lysenko, settled another cat - wooden. The authors of this creation are graduates of the Kiev Academy of Arts, and it was created as part of the action “Kiev Trees - New Life”. So, thanks to this action, more than one emergency tree has changed in the city. In the same square, an unusual white cat, created from disposable forks, climbs up on a chestnut tree near a fountain.

But if these cats only decorate the city, then the cat that appeared in early summer on Landscape Alley near the Historical Museum, provides an opportunity to relax comfortably, and even hide from the rain. Indeed, in the mouth of an amusing two-meter cat decorated with a multi-colored mosaic, the sculptor placed a comfortable shop.

And this is just the beginning. After all, the plans of Konstantin Skretutsky, the author of the last two of the above sculptures, are Napoleonic - he is going to settle in Kiev 100 different cats different from one another. So, in the near future, a centipede cat 30 meters in length and 3 in height will appear on the garage wall on the Landscape Alley. The installation of the frame is already underway.

But Kiev lost one cat. A black cat-Behemoth, who lived on Andrew's descent on the house number 11 near the Bulgakov Museum, mysteriously disappeared a couple of years ago. One of the unofficial symbols of Bulgakov Kiev simply disappeared, leaving behind only memory, a bare wall and a pair of fixtures.

And this is only a part of a little-known Kiev, hundreds or even thousands of such small, but very interesting discoveries can be expected in any alley ... And in order to notice them, you just need to turn off the usual route and look around. Interesting walks to you!

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