What is the most popular transport in Russia?

Legs in Russia must be protected. Feet are breadwinners. And all the ways, the roads are sharpened by us under the most faithful source of movement - the legs. Not a single jeep, the most sophisticated, will not pass where the Russian’s legs pass. Therefore, all these "Honda", "Toyeta" and "Suzuki" stalled where we do not care. The best Russian car factory is our women. They produce the most perfect means of transportation - 2 on 2. Our 2 on 2 beat theirs 4 on 4. They beat easily and ingenuously.

After all, we just let go on the roads. On a smooth and even highway, we are bored and disgusted. Give us pits and bumps. And more dirt. From dirt to Kings. In Russia, you can not build highways. This is intuitively understood by all our rulers. That's why they didn't build it. When Nicholas I was asked: we will build a railway track, like in Europe, or more, he answered perplexedly: “To hell with more.” So they built it. Now, no enemy will attack us, because the rut even on horseradish, but more. Ammunition to bring difficult.

A very wise emperor was. Or Peter the Great, who hacked a window to Europe. Well done, did not look for easy ways. Here's a window for you, climb while you can. The window can be opened and closed, depending on government needs. Hang the shutters, bolt the bolts.

Lenin. He knew only one way. In communism. Without intersections, traffic lights and traffic cops. "To each according to his needs." Tea and bed linen - for free. Sorry, not built. Anyway, sellers of striped sticks will stop for speeding.

Stalin. "One way ticket". Tickets sold at one end. The whole country went to the general car. Our tanks were the best in the world. Our infantry reached Berlin.

Khrushchev. "Go". Paved the way to space. Russian rockets reached Cuba. In the 80th, the whole country was supposed to reach communism.

Ran to the Olympics. Plus BAM. Shutters close, and pretend to be going. Leonid Ilyich was a big fan of foreign cars.

Which Putin could not bear. Oh yeah, Gorbachev and Yeltsin missed. One hated alcohol, the other loved. White and red clowns. The country, laughing, parting with foreign cars, but not wanting to change to AvtoVAZ, started walking again.

Because the legs in our country - the surest means of transportation. Legs are legs. We do not need money - give me the way. At-two. Left. Sing a song!
"Soldiers, brava guys,
Where are your legs?
Our legs roam the road "...

So, the peshkodralom and go through life. And we do not need good roads and good cars. Our legs are much steeper and more passable than theirs "Medeses" and "BMW". Steeper us only boiled eggs. And Russian women - steeper than any Western automobile plant. Because our 2 on 2 is far more than their 4 by 4. And the brakes came up with panties. Gas on the road? Where our not disappeared!

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