A man is bad on the street. How to help?

I am not a doctor. Pass by? And who will help? Appeal to him. Lying unconscious. The crowd begins to gather. Call an ambulance. The city is long, traffic jams, vanity. How long does it take for the medical team to arrive ... What should I do?

I ask the question to others - is there a doctor among them? Who will help determine the cause of loss of consciousness? Perhaps, he is a diabetic, and his blood sugar dropped sharply, or, on the contrary, he rose? Or a heart attack? Disruption of cerebral circulation? Or faint? Nerves? In any case - there was some kind of failure in the body. I clearly understand that the health and even life of a person depends on my quick actions.

There was no doctor among the passers-by. My assumptions about alcohol intoxication were immediately rejected by me - maybe there are still some "diagnoses" in the crowd? No smell of alcohol, no smell of acetone, like diabetics. I put it more comfortably, putting my bag under my head. Pale what ...

Trying to count the pulse. Very weak ... The most active passer-by explains by phone an ambulance, where the victim lies. I instructed him to act.

I automatically start searching the pockets of the note - I remember how my father, who was ill with diabetes, always carried such a notebook with a detailed description of his diagnosis and the necessary actions in the event of an attack. Much later, after all that had happened, I began to analyze my own actions, and suddenly an amazing thought occurred to me - I rummaged through the pockets of a stranger! People were close. If something was lost - money, mobile phone, documents? After all, they could blame me! But at that moment some kind of courage was turned on, there was no time to think about the moral side of actions.

He had a mobile phone. I asked to call my relatives, to ask about his illness. The person who helped me for a long time could not figure out the phone book. Finally, I found an entry under the code Home. The tube was taken by the mother or the wife, did not begin to understand family ties. She panicked. Reassured. I even had to snarl at her. Faster!

The man turned out to be the core. Medicines were with him. The woman on the phone confirmed this. Thrust under the tongue. It is very difficult ... I do not know how to do artificial respiration, once taught at school. For all my life I did not have to experience this in public. The man breathed, albeit weakly. Pulse palpable. Put a wet handkerchief on her head and chest. Began to recover.

The ambulance arrived. This time it justified its name. I tried to talk about the incident in minutes. The team of doctors acted skillfully and quickly. The time of the attack, our actions, all in order. The doctor recorded and collected his documents. Carefully laid on a stretcher and taken to the hospital. I recorded the number of the hospital.

The meeting, which I was in a hurry before, had to be postponed. I called the relatives of the victim, gave information and address of the hospital. The idea that I didn’t do something was constantly coming to mind. What exactly? The man was taken aback by an accident, the heart refused. By the will of fate, I was his confidant. He survived. What could I do wrong?

A week later, he called me. Gave thanks. Eased from my heart.

Just a month later, a man was lying at the bus stop, his things were lying around. Well dressed, not a bum, neat and ... on the bench. Ran up, began to bother - and he ... started singing. “Get up! White day, booze is over, go home! It’s not that the vultures will run to the heel. ”

And why do I need all this?

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