The crooked mirror of stereotypes-2, or How do Germans see us?

There are two large cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg, where there are many beautiful royal palaces with golden domes. Immediately after these cities a big river begins - as it is in Russian, “Matyushka-Volga”, there was once Stalingrad, and then Siberia.

Siberia is a terrible place, there was a Stalin-Gulag. There are solid ice and taiga, nothing grows and matures, few people and many bears. There are almost no roads there, except, how is it the Transsiberian highway? There are still Baikal see, oh, I would like to see it. They have tanks and Kalashnikoff, grandfather said that they know how to fight, and still have oil and gas, a rich country, many rich people. About your "politician" I would not like to talk ...

Russian men love vodka and drink it everywhere and always, and then play the "accordion", love and beat their women and wear "Ushanka - Mutz" even in summer. Men are optional, rather lazy and do not hold words.

Russian women - oh, this is the best in this country. Are they beautiful, what is called, a Russian doll? Yes, “matrioshka”, almost all of them are called Natalia and Olga, they are hardworking and obedient, they give birth to beautiful children, sing sad songs and cry at the same time. And then they laugh and dance merrily. They are completely impossible to understand, it is very difficult - “Russian Luboff, Russian Libe”. Why do you need to cry from "luboff"?

There is a national Russian game - chess, both poor and rich play it. And with the Russian it is very difficult in the Turkish resorts. Big, amazing, completely incomprehensible country. I would really like to see and understand her. "

Doesn't it cause you ... uh-uh ... bewilderment, dear reader? I have - yes. I happened to hear this from a very calm and benevolent middle-aged German, a wizard who came to tile the bathroom. We offered him coffee and sandwiches, and he, having learned that we were from Russia, made us happy with the above revelations.

To say that we were surprised is to say nothing. It was hard to suppose that this popular print was still imprinted in the minds of the German average person, especially now that Russia is open to the West. But - here it is, you can’t throw the words out of the song.

And here’s another view: “Russia, oh, this is an amazing country of fairy tales, and great literature, and great science, and beautiful music. Your Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, Levitan and Landau are great people. A huge country, beautiful, with wonderful kind hospitable people, especially in the provinces. What unusual old Siberian cities, how hardworking and resourceful people are.

What a landscape variety, wealth. Enisey, I have not seen anything more beautiful in my life. And women, oh, these Russian women. This mysterious Russian love. Why are you crying for love? It is incomprehensible, but so touching, so takes the soul. I have a Russian girlfriend from Siberia, I would not trade her for anyone. I would like to live in Russia for several years to try to understand your country better. "

This is the opinion of a young Slavist, a graduate of Humboldt University, a kind of Vladimir Lensky in the German version, “always an enthusiastic speech and curls black shoulder”. How does Russia perceive, and? Tula gingerbread, and only ...

Of course, both are stereotypes. So say, stereotypes of different layers of society. One dry residue is huge incomprehensible a country with very beautiful and incomprehensible women who roar in three streams of love. It is impossible to convince anyone, for the average German to give up the stereotype - is it hard, then how, on what, then?

And mass tourism with domes, dolls, Natasha and earflaps only contributes to consolidation and distribution. It's easier to live, right? And money on stereotypes can earn a lot ...

I will go, so beautiful and incomprehensible, porydayu in a hat with love, or something, well, and then - immediately sing and dance on the shores of “Mat-Volga”, so as not to break out of the traditional German ideas about Russia. I will spare my dear Germans from disappointments, so be it ...

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