Unusual holidays, or How to celebrate the Day of the Mad Hatter?

The Day of the Mad Hatter (or Hatter, as this character was named in the translation by N. M. Demurova, which is considered the classic Russian translation of “Alice in Wonderland”) is the second day of stupidity and lack of any meaning - after April Fools Day . It was first celebrated in Boulder, Colorado on October 6, 1986 by some programmers who had nothing to do at work, which happens, isn't it?

Why October 6th? If you look at the illustrations of John Tenniel, then on a piece of paper attached to the Hatter's hat, it says: "In this 10/6 style." It is not known what this figure means - perhaps the price of a hat was 10 shillings and 6 pence? Or was it 10 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter? Or was the pattern on the shelf numbered 10/6? However, the creators of the holiday decided to make October 6 (10/6) the date of the holiday. However, in Russia, England and Mexico, the date can be considered June 10 ... But these tricks with dates do not contradict the spirit of the holiday at all, rather the opposite. In the end, you can celebrate twice a year ...

Let's return to the history of the holiday. The idea was quickly liked by the company's management (according to some information, because the programmers who were engaged in a stupid celebration did less harm on that day than they did if they worked) and were sent out via internal communications. In 1988, the whole Boulder celebrated the Day of the Mad Hatter, the celebration was covered in the national press, the Day of the Mad Hatter began to be celebrated throughout America, and, according to some sources, has already begun its distribution throughout the world.

Plans to celebrate the Day of the Mad Hatter (October 6) are being built, naturally, on October 7 - after all, the Queen said: “Let them pass the sentence! And he is guilty or not - then we will understand! ”. Nevertheless, the basic idea of ​​an unusual holiday was and remains the following: to find something in life that does not make any sense, although it is customary, and bring it to something absurd. For example:

We call the “sports fanatic” a person who spends all his free time on the sofa in front of the TV with a bottle of beer in his hand, and not the one who spends all his free time on the treadmill. Therefore, on the Day of the Mad Hatter they are satisfied with watching a football match without turning on the TV - but with beer and chips.

Sale of Christmas gifts and decorations begins earlier and earlier - from October (in some stores, goods for Christmas are offered from July). Therefore, on October 6, it is customary to begin buying gifts for the New Year - in large quantities (unless, of course, you started purchasing from June 10 - according to the European holiday style).

More and more foods have reduced calories. (Calories or kilocalories are known to measure the energy value of food.) Celebrating the Day of the Mad Hatter is marked by the abolition of lunch in general - to reduce the caloric intake of food in this method of it to zero.

And so on - without restrictions! The Day of the Mad Hatter is a celebration of meaninglessness, in which Alice found herself, sitting down at the table with Hatter, the March Hare and Sonia ...

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