What is the role of the goby fish in the life of the southern coastal city?

The inconspicuous gobyfish is a common, omnipresent phenomenon in the Ukrainian (and not only) coastal cities. So familiar that it simply cease to notice. And in vain!

I will try to restore justice and pay tribute to this small and inconspicuous, at first glance, creation.

Of course, I will not be the first. In the small town of Genichesk, Kherson Oblast, in the museum of local lore, there is an amusing sculpture - a goby fish with a crown on its head and the inscription “Goby - supporter of Genichesk”. And in the city of Berdyansk there is even a monument to the “Azov bull-breadwinner”.

But that's not all! Goby and now ... not only the breadwinner! He is also an entertainer, a tying up of new acquaintances and ... an assistant in various matters, finally ...

So let's start with the main thing.

Catching a bull is a favorite entertainment of all segments of the coastal population. For many, this is an evening (morning, Saturday, Sunday) meditation and “appearance” in one “bottle”. You can find bicycles, scooters and cars from the VAZ "cents" and broken "Zaporozhtsy" to sparkling jeeps the size of a small bus near the old bridge and the sea creek where the bull is caught in the evening and on weekends. Here are the unemployed, hard workers, traders from the bazaar, businessmen and city officials, right up to the highest. Kids of all ages (the smallest are sitting in wheelchairs and read out the next catch of mom or dad with joyful shouts). Local girls in tracksuits from local second-hand and beauty with personal photographers registering every movement of this goddess. Women in old dresses and a businesswoman with a model appearance, sometimes with bodyguards, who bait this worm on the hook ...

A sort of club of all kinds of people united by one interest ... It’s easy to meet here - to approach, praise the catch (it is always there) and ask: “What are we catching?” Well, then introduce yourself as a newcomer and ask to teach ...

Guys, this is a great way to ring up these girls, to whom in another place (in private clubs and on private protected beaches) and at other times you just will not be allowed to security! And for businessmen - a way to make new acquaintances and find a non-standard approach to city officials of all stripes ... Well, there is always just a chat with someone!

Here is what the omniscient Wikipedia says about the fish:

«General information.
Bullhead (fish) is the common name for the fish of the subfamily Gobiinae, as well as the family Myoxocephalus ...
The gobies belong to the bottom coastal fish. They have an oblong, covered with scales body (up to 40 cm; compressed at the back), a large wide head, large, closely spaced eyes to each other, two upper fins (one of them usually with bone rays), below - a sucker created by the accretion of the abdominal fins. With the help of this sucker, they are attached to the bottom stones and are quite firmly held even in a strong storm. Bychkov in the Black Sea more than 10 species, and if we take into account the pool and the Sea of ​​Azov, then more than 20 species ... "

Catching a bull.
They catch bulls with float, often bottom tackles ... Bait: shrimp, a piece of sea worm or fish, including a bull, a piece of squid, meat, liver, grape and garden snails and other animal nozzles. Fishing line 0.25−0.4 mm, hook number 6−10. Hooks are preferable with a long forearm - they are easier to remove from the mouth, as the biting bull is greedy ... "

As you can see, this fish lives at the bottom and near, eats everything indiscriminately, and besides, it does not have breakfast for lunch and dinner, so you can catch it all day, and not like some, getting up in a terrible early hours. And it is not known yet, maybe the bite will not be! The bull-calf always bites, and meat, sausage, pieces of unsalted bacon, fresh, boiled and rotten shrimp, garden snail (in common parlance - slug), any worms, and even a piece of the previously caught goby, are suitable as bait, if everything is finished, but the bite is that you don't want to leave. Here and more benefit from the bull fish - he cleans not only the seabed, but also seaside gardens from slugs, and refrigerators from all sorts of stale products ...

And what can be done with the already caught "prey?"

Well, First of all, salt and wilted. Having seen an incredible amount of gobies dangling on ropes, he knocked. After talking with the hostess about this and that, he asked the recipe how to jerk the bull correctly. Here is the result of this exclusive interview: “The bull salts only fresh. If it takes five to six hours, and even in the summer, the meat, when pickled, will lag behind the bones, and the head will wallow. Large gobies need to be gutted, small and medium - not necessary. We analyze - small separately, large, longer than the palm - separately. We put in a saturated salt solution: small for a day, large for two days, then rinsed with water, always with the addition of vinegar, so that the flies do not sit down. If the day is hot and dry, the average goby dries out in a day, the big one - no, it is necessary to hang out the next day too. Well, and then - a week in a dry closet, and then you can put in cardboard boxes and store in a dry place. "

Secondly - fry. Fried goby is also a fairly common delicacy, although many people do not like the fried goby because of its “bones”. The smallest, finger-sized, bulls are cleaned and fried in butter until the state of chips and eaten whole, along with bones and fins. Great snack for beer, and just cool cool. And the large gobies, well roasted in vegetable oil, are just delicious!

Thirdly, fourthly, fifthly ... There are still fish cakes, ear of gobies and, probably, many more tasty and healthy dishes, which I have never heard of. Needle for invention is cunning!

Maybe somewhere and canned food still continues to produce from it, as in the "good old times."

Yes, this little bull helps out in our difficult times very, very many.

And not only people!

And domestic and domestic cats and cats! Sales of cat food in the coastal cities of the south of Ukraine and Russia are falling drastically at the time of the “goblin fishing season”, that is, for almost the entire warm season. "Goby" diet replaces almost any other food.

And what gatherings and just talk "for zhist" without beer and steers? A waste of time ... So traders that sell different fish in the market, they say that bulls are always sold better than other fish "for beer" (silver carp, pelengas, vomer ...)

On the beaches, roving merchants are also not averse to making money by supplying everyone with steers. A bottle of beer and a bunch of bulls for her here cost the client at least twice as much as on the urban market. Navar 100% and higher!

The local market offers a bull in a slightly different scale - and bigger, and more, dozens of dried (from 4 hryvnia per ten at the bazaar, up to 20 hryvnia at beer pavilions on the beach) and kilograms (7−13 hryvnia) - fresh. There are also giant specimens longer than 25 centimeters - not bulls, but real sea bulls!

And how much more can you write about this little fish! These are the bull! Mal Bycho, yes removed!

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