Artificial turf. What makes him attractive?

The structure of an artificial turf is a synthetic grass carpet. The space between the blades of grass is filled with quartz sand and rubber granules. In appearance and properties of synthetic coating resembles a real lawn. In addition, the coating is resistant to temperature fluctuations and durable.

In order for artificial turf to bring less hassle during operation, it is necessary to properly produce the paving. Before planting a lawn, the ground level, thoroughly clean the surface of foreign objects: stones, debris, metal structures. If this is not done, then the lawn coating may be damaged, its aesthetic appearance will be hopelessly flawed. To the lower part of the artificial lawn is well mated with the ground, immediately after laying it should be watered. A lawn will last longer if you carry out the mulching procedure several times a month. It lies in the fact that the surface of the lawn is pierced to a shallow depth in certain places.

Artificial turf with permeable texture should have a base, adapted for the flow of water. Therefore, the base is always equipped with slopes, through which water is drained.

Artificial turf can be either decorative or special purpose. It depends on the functionality of the coating. If artificial turf is designed to create a landscape design, then choose a decorative type. Artificial turf special purpose used for the arrangement of football fields, children's and sports fields.

The popularity of artificial turf is constantly growing in various sports: football, golf, rugby, and tennis. This is due to its unpretentiousness, the ability to use in any conditions, athletes receive less injuries on such a coating, the number of serious injuries is reduced.

Decorative lawn has long been widely used for landscaping in Europe. In Russia, landscape decor with artificial turf is still an innovation. Decorative lawns are of the following types:

• parterny lawns (designed for arranging open and large areas);

• rolled lawns (used for landscaping);

• park, garden lawns;

• Moorish lawns (used for landscaping lawns);

• meadow lawns (have a wide range of uses).

Despite the fact that decorative and special artificial turf differ in their functional purpose, both must be in harmony with the environment and have a positive effect on the person.

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