What hide the pyramids of Egypt?

But a small fact casts doubt on the entire logical structure - the sarcophagi in the pyramids are empty. In the Valley of the Kings are located crypts and tombs of the pharaohs, comfortably huddled near the pyramids. There are burial and ritual utensils there, there are sarcophagi with mummies, in general, all that is necessary. But not in the pyramids.

Another tiny fact. It is said that the Egyptians were excellent mathematicians, they mastered the principle of leverage, and it was this that allowed them to build magnificent pyramids. But only with the lever, the construction of the great pyramid of Cheops would have taken about 140 years. It is known that the construction was completed in two decades. As they say, there is an inconsistency.

The most amazing thing in the pyramids are, strictly speaking, not their gigantic dimensions, but the technologies used in the construction. The joints between the plates are not just tight, but very very denseand how this was achieved is completely incomprehensible. Moreover, in Egypt many ancient buildings have been preserved, but none of them are distinguished by such a stunning quality of masonry stones like the pyramids. Moreover, in all other buildings, laying is the most common, fully complying with the standards of that time. Not so with the pyramids.

In addition, many different fragments were found in the Valley of the Kings - stones and blocks with traces of mechanical processing. But after all, what an interesting piece it turns out: holes of very small diameter are drilled in granite. And even with the help of modern tools it is impossible to achieve such a diameter with a similar material and clean holes. There are amazing engravings on the stones, literally the size of fractions of millimeters. The impression that this is the work of a miniature cutter.

But how could the ancient Egyptians make such a tool? Yes, and from what? The heavy-duty alloys, of which the tools are now made, were not known then, there was no technology to work with them (and the most elementary: how could the temperature necessary to work with such alloys be obtained?).

A description of the construction of the pyramid of Cheops in the folk tradition looks generally shocking: “When the king built a pyramid, large stones were put on pieces of papyrus covered with mysterious signs, then they hit the blocks with a stick, from which they moved through the air ...”. The dream of science fiction writers of all calibers is anti-gravity, not otherwise ...

The fact that you can make a pyramid, under which the blades will be sharpened by themselves, and products are stored better than in the refrigerator, is known to many. But this home-grown “energy pyramid” is an exact copy of the Egyptian monuments, only, of course, greatly reduced. It is believed that the best option is not just a pyramid, but made according to individual dimensions (the edge length is the distance from the fingertips to the “consumer” elbow).

But German archaeologists believe that the Egyptian pyramids are natural generators of energy, and they were not used as tombs, but as health centers. That is, the pharaohs were engaged in the "energy therapy" in the pyramids. It is possible that the different sizes of the pyramids are explained precisely by the fact that each of them was built to the individual measure - the "elbow" of the pharaoh.

But the construction technology of the pyramids - the secret behind seven seals. It is increasingly suggested that the builders of the pyramids were not the Egyptians, but these amazing structures were built either by aliens or by pre-civilization that existed even before the present one. For example, the Atlanteans - they are credited with the possession of enormous knowledge, even exceeding the modern level.

It is true that legends are hard to say when it comes to such mysterious buildings as the Egyptian pyramids. Aliens or pre-civilization? Or, nevertheless, slave labor, and the artifacts found are a product of fantasy of some ancient Egyptian Lefty, who, as we know, managed not only to cut out the inscription on the granite, but even shoe a flea.

Who knows ... And only Masonic lodges have been using pyramids for centuries to consecrate adherents of mysterious, mystical teachings. And they find something there - either energy therapy, or something else. Maybe someday all the secrets of the pyramids will be revealed, and we will be surprised either by their simplicity or the wonders that, according to legend, are still kept in the pyramids.

Watch the video: Hidden chamber discovered in Great Pyramid of Giza (February 2020).


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