Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia. What are the differences between the cities "Troyyasta"?

Hand city

Gdynia is perhaps the most inexpressive city of all. But I would call him hands-workers. Industrial port center with flat multi-colored skyscrapers that cause absolutely no emotions. In some places here you can see cute red brick houses, but to the point. If you happen to go, for example, from Warsaw somewhere to the north-west of Poland, then you will certainly make the transplant in Gdynia.

In the north - where the sea - high cargo cranes are noticeable. As an industrial center Gdynia took place. And it is quite possible that she is the main provider of Triplet. But swimming in Gdynsk water is not so easy. Several beaches are marked on the map - in close proximity to the port. I doubt that anyone will want to swim in these waters. Not just with a bus service, after all, the heart of Troyyasta is Gdansk, and all buses rush there.

Soul City

Sopot is the soul of Triplem, which received the status of a city just over a hundred years ago. He was able to keep the glorious spirit of antiquity. Small streets with two-three-storey mansions. Wooden verandas with carved patterns, tricky balconies, bay windows. I liked it even more than Gdansk. On the main pedestrian street of the Protectors Monte Cassino you can meet the famous “curve house” (without a single right angle), which houses shops, offices, cafes.

True, it is better not to have a bite there, but in a wonderful vegetarian cafe "Green Way" nearby. Buying only vegetarian schnitzel, we received a huge portion with a side dish (rice), several kinds of vegetable salad and germinated grains. The wait time is minimal.

Those who climbed the lighthouse at the famous Sopot pier, will certainly be issued a certificate of the owner of "lyatarni."

However, residents of the city are extremely dissatisfied with the actions of local authorities, who are not making any efforts to develop tourism. This was reported by a booklet urging people to actively participate in the referendum in the spring of 2009. In fact, there are many expensive hotels in Sopot, but it is not so easy to rent private housing for small money. Unlike other seaside cities of Poland. But Sopot is the city in which you fall in love at first sight and for the rest of your life. The smallest of the three cities, he rightly deserves to be called the soul of the Triple.

Heart city

The city of Gdansk surprises with its history. This is a powerful warm heart. In the interwar period, he had a special sovereign status. And it was in Gdansk, in the Westerplatte region, that the first shots of World War II thundered.

After the war, the indigenous people were expelled, and the city was inhabited by new people. And it was they who, in the years 70–80 of the last century, came under the banner of Solidarity headed by Lech Walesa, the future president. Perhaps those strikes were the first impetus for the fall of the Iron Curtain.

After the war, Gdansk, like Warsaw, was rebuilt brick by brick. In the center of the city you can easily find the Big Mill with a tall roof. Outside, everything looks quite authentic, inside - a modern shopping mall with lots of glass, escalators. As if he was in a completely different place. And right behind the central bus station, we found a beautiful fortress, which offers an amazing view of the red city.

Gdansk seems to be cut up by canals and rivers. A city with thousands of faces and hundreds of layers. It can not be bypassed in one or two days. Only comprehend, comprehend for days, and each time discover something new.

Three close-distant cities. And they have such different faces ...

Watch the video: THE 3IN1 POLISH CITY - Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia (February 2020).


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