Which is better: a shoe on the head or a medal on Obashka? Obama - nobel and many other champion

Moreover, if the day of Nobel's delivery and the birthday of the dog coincided, then the gangster did not hesitate because of the funeral team - Moscow was getting ready to say goodbye to its hero! It would not have been magnificent enough if, on one day with some Obama, to celebrate on concepts. For me, the lush funeral of Yaponchik is funnier than the scene with Bush's “evasive boot” and the paradox of awarding a high award for nothing. An advance, or what?

I find another Japanese parallel in this scenario: Teddy Roosevelt was the first US president to be awarded the Nobel Prize. It was for the termination in 1905 of the Russian-Japanese war. Here is a Russian-Japanese trail elegant. Woodrow Wilson received the Nobel Prize for the League of Nations. If it was possible to take away the Nobel, then today they would definitely have taken the medal from Wooddy - it turned out to be a completely useless office. But Jimmy Carter - the most useless president of the United States, in which our hostages languished in captivity for 444 days, received his medal in 2002, already quite a while without being at the helm. Well, now Barack Obama has also been rewarded ... No one, by any chance, knows for what such successes? For his message of hope, what could he do for the world? In the future, as in the Oval Office, he is still without a year a week.

And now let's imagine: the New York Athletic Club would have announced that Obama had won the 2009 Hysesman Cup for victories that he could have won over Tim Tubo (Florida) and Colt McCoy (Texas), playing for his Harvard if such a thing happened ...

It would also be announced that our president received the prestigious prize of the best actor Amy for his many blinks already on television. Yes, even with some fishing flies!

In order not to stand aside in cutting the cake, the Pulitzer Committee would have already awarded Obama the first prize for his not yet written novel about the years of his presidency.

The Academy of Feature Films would also announce that in the nomination of the best performers of male roles, Barack Obama won the first place in the autobiographical, not yet filmed favorite, film “Barack Obama - a man of vision and hope”.

I would not be surprised if tomorrow among the honored guests in the list of people invited to the funeral of a thief in law will be our Nobel laureate, as a person who could resurrect a lawyer for the sake of resetting relations with Russia. Such a friendly favor to throw, so that law enforcement officers can not be afraid of new gangster alterations. After all, after all, it was our convict, American!

Nimble, sharp and athletic guys in our White House are sitting: one goes out of boxing sights, the other catches flies on the fly. And if the flight of the boot still has some right to have a place, then handing a nobel to catching flies and feats that our leader could hypothetically accomplish in a boundless tomorrow is too ridiculous. When would not be so sad.

Whenever the European pressure on the US foreign policy in the person of its president was clumsily applied, you, sweetheart, you behave yourself and be good. When not to flatter in the eyes and behind the eyes of a man who has practically nothing in itself to strengthen peace. And not because of clumsiness, but simply because it is too early for him to settle a inherited mechanism of foreign policy. When they would not give out high awards to anyone in advance, but they would award them for already perfect successes.

The shoe flew into Bush for the already accomplished “successes”, and this was somewhere a fair reward. But the high Nobel medal around his neck looks more like a shoe. I would refuse in Obama's place, having intercepted on the fly, like that fly. Or she would ask the committee to wait until the end of his term of service not for the abstract cause of world peace, but at least for her country. And after all would go towards, and?

Another forty thousand men and women in uniform will go to war in the coming days from their houses with green lawns to the stony lawns of Afghanistan. The brutal guantanam Alcatraz is not yet closed. “Black tulips” fly with zinc under the stars and stripes. Another ash Klaas knocking on our doors. And our president has already dressed in white clothes dove of peace. But sticking out from under the white clothes "Bush legs." Alas.

Everything goes according to the law of Murphy: if the world can go crazy, he will surely go. Why did I tie the funeral of the murderer and the criminal in Moscow and the awarding of the President of the USA by the Nobel Prize? And because they seem to me to be symptoms of the same illness of society - the final insanity.

I will not go to Vagankovo ​​to expensive graves anymore, if the ashes of my relatives, the remains of Vysotsky, Yesenin are defiled there. And riot policemen, guarding. I will not respect the more silent majority of Muscovites, because they allowed it to be done in their city. I will not congratulate such a handsome President on me for accepting a high award. And the word gave no more to consider the Nobel Prize as such. I would award her to the dog Bo - he can still grow into a good presidential dog.

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