To Moscow and St. Petersburg: where to stay? If you have no aunt ...

I think this could happen not only in Moscow, but also in St. Petersburg, and in Samara, and in Yekaterinburg ... According to the description, it seems that this happened 40 years ago, when there was no Internet with its huge flow of information, cellular communications, etc. The current eighteen-year-olds are not so naive village girls as Frosya Burlakova from a distant Siberian village, who arrived to enter the capital in 1957 and came to a stranger with a letter of recommendation. Everyone remembers the film by Evgeny Tashkova “Come Tomorrow” of 1963, where Ekaterina Savinova and Anatoly Papanov played the main roles so well.

But back to the girls from Odessa, with whom there was such an ugly story in Moscow. First about the aunt who changed my mind, whether to condemn her? Whose aunt is this, what degree of kinship and how often did she communicate with her before going to Moscow? If this is the sister of the parents, with her regularly maintained close contact, the exchange of calls, letters, reciprocal visits, etc., then she would hardly have refused shelter. Perhaps something unpleasant happened to her? And why did the girls call her already from the capital, and not before leaving the house - to clarify all the conditions for meeting and living?

And if this aunt is “seventh water on kissel” —the second cousin’s first cousin, whom you have never seen before, never wrote to her or called, and then suddenly decided to use her accommodation, saving on a hotel, you can excuse her. And how did you agree with her in advance? For one girl or two?

I had such a case three years ago. On a summer afternoon, a woman calls me from the station and says that she came either from Kirov, or from Perm, on business, for a couple of days. My phone was given to her by her friend, who was once treated with me in a sanatorium! And my house is just full of guests, the apartment is small - where will I take it? Yes, and I do not know her. Okay, they would have called in advance, agreed, and then: “Hello, I am your aunt!” Do adult reasonable people do that? Of course, I refused and advised to contact the apartment agency at the station.

I want to give some tips on how to prepare for a trip to the big city for a guided tour. And I will note - if you have in this city, be it Moscow, Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, or Yaroslavl (the list is endless), there are no very close relatives or friends on whom you can rely, and for whom your arrival will not be a burden, but in joy, take care of housing. Try to take the position of the host. My friend lives in a one-room apartment (18 sq. M room), not young, not very healthy, and her nephews got into the habit of traveling with her, then for 3, then for 5 days. And they want their aunt to feed them, and portray the joy of meeting. And after their visit, you need to clean up a bunch of linen and do the cleaning. What is she like?

Nowadays there is a great variety of information available on where and how to stay for the night, what to see, there are many sites on tourism. In “ShZh” they wrote already that the British, and the Americans, are planning their trips for the year ahead. We also need to learn how to plan our trips, if not for a year, then at least for a few months, especially when such trips involve great material costs.

Where do we start? At first determine the duration and duration of the trip. Three days are enough for general sightseeing. In this case, it is better to go through a travel agency, so it was all included. And if you go on your own, and there is time and money, then it’s better for 5-6 days. If you are not connected with your studies, then it is better to go when there is no school and student holidays to avoid crowds and unnecessary queues in museums. For example, to visit St. Petersburg and Moscow the best time (based on personal experience) is May and September. Why? Good weather, no longer hot, not cold yet. In May, the theaters did not have time to close the season and leave for a tour, and in September the season opens. Fountains are launched in Peterhof in May, and they work until almost the end of September. The sculptures are not yet covered with wooden weatherproof boxes. There are pleasure boats on the rivers and canals, and you can take a boat trip. The duration of the day is long. In May, the season of white nights begins in Petersburg - a great time to admire the night city. In September-October, the colorful autumn outfit of trees in parks and squares pleases the eye.

Now We are looking for a suitable at a reasonable price housing. You can, if money allows, to stay in a 5−4-star hotel, pre-ordering a room. And if you are unpretentious - now, fortunately, a lot of cheap mini-hotels like "Hostel"where the night will cost only 600-800 rubles, and not during the season, and even cheaper. Hostels are dormitory-type dwellings, they are sought after by fans of low-cost travel. There are rooms for 2−4 people, but perhaps 6−8, which is convenient when traveling large company. Breakfast is often included. Everything related to housing, can be found on the sites. For example, I will name two hostel sites - in Moscow, and in Petersburg -

Schedule in advance what you want to see where to go. Now on the Internet there is a lot of information for travelers, and about museums, and about theaters, about hotels, about tickets to concerts, about public transport, you can even look at the city map and download. As they say - who is looking for - he will find.

So good for you travel! And on the "aunt" do not hope!

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