Going to Hawaii? "Miracle Island, Miracle Island, living on it is easy and simple ..."

As a result, I decided to choose the island of Kauai - on the one hand, it is quite developed from a tourist point of view, on the other - not as popular as the Big Island or Oahu with their large cities and no fewer tourists. I had to exclude the islands of Molokai and Lanai for the reason that my husband was not very inclined to perceive the wild beauty of the world ... For myself, I would choose Molokai as the most uninhabited and close to the natural way of life of the island. My son, busy with work and personal life, moved away from the discussion, giving me complete freedom of choice, which he backed up later (he was very upset because the city conditions of Kapa did not correspond to his requests for the number of hot spots - there are only two bars in Kapa).

So, the island of Kauai, or the island of the Gardens. It is the oldest and most northern of all the Hawaiian islands. On this island there is one of the "wettest" place on Earth - the mountain Wai-ale-ale, where up to 112 thousand millimeters of precipitation falls annually. This mountain is located in the center of the island, constantly covered with clouds, the result of such rains are the numerous waterfalls that adorn the rocks and cliffs of the island, as well as the abundant tropical vegetation and magnificent flowers.

Upon arriving in Kauai, our small company quickly rented a pre-ordered car. True, instead of the promised sedan we got a jeep, but upon closer inspection, the jeep turned out to be the best means of transportation on the roads of Kauai. Having left the airport, in 30 minutes we reached the destination and the rest - the city of Kapaa. This city is the first largest on the island, and its population is slightly less than 10 thousand people.

We decided to live in the cottage. Firstly, I like cottages more, because they give the opportunity to live as much as the locals - as far as possible on vacation. Secondly, there are no restrictions that are sometimes found in hotels. Thirdly, cottages are often cheaper than hotels, and Hawaiian vacation is expensive. Fourthly, cottages remind me of youth and many years spent in sheds in the Crimea.

In addition to cottages, there are enough hotels, rest houses, and even one hostal on the island. Many, especially young people, come to Hawaii with tents and live on the beaches. Minibuses run around the island, but not everywhere and not always (they work from about 6 am to 7 pm). Therefore, stopping the youth moves around the island mainly by voting on the roads.

Our cottage consisted of two rooms, a veranda, a kitchen and a combined bathroom. On the veranda, the free Internet provided by the owner was “caught”. We arrived in the evening, and immediately fell asleep. At 4 o'clock in the morning we were awakened by a rooster cock. Then at 5, then at 6 ... I must tell you that there are no predators in Hawaii at all. Therefore, the cocks and hens, introduced by Filipino immigrants in the immemorial times, bred in unusual quantities. They are apparently invisible on Kauai, and they are located in the most unexpected places - on the streets, in rest houses, in the Fern Grotto, on waterfalls, in forests and in the fields. The only place where there are none is on the beaches.

All beaches in Hawaii are public. You can swim and sunbathe on any of them, even if the hotel or holiday home is nearby. The most beautiful beaches are in the north of the island, especially where it is impossible to reach by car, there are no roads ... However, it is also the most dangerous to swim there - strong currents and big waves often lead to accidents.

In the ocean there are a variety of animals - from dolphins and turtles to a poisonous jellyfish called “Portuguese warrior”, the bite of which can cause a rather sensitive burn. Kauai has a large bird sanctuary. There you can see the Hawaiian geese, frigates, albatrosses. In the forests live turkeys, pheasants, the local version of the black grouse, and, of course, the ubiquitous roosters and chickens.

The terrestrial fauna is represented by feral goats, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, as well as rats brought to the island on ships, and mongooses brought from Jamaica in 1883 to fight them. The only warm-blooded mammals originally found in Hawaii are the bats. There are no snakes in the Hawaiian Islands, and also cholera, malaria, rabies, yellow fever and huge billboards along the highway.

Life on Kauai flows slowly and calmly. Time is measured in "Hawaiian minutes." When I asked to explain what the expression “We will arrive at a place in 15 minutes” (and 45 have already passed), the answer was: “15 Hawaiian minutes, Madame. Which means - when we arrive, then we will come. ” In the same way, some stores open and close, for example, at one of the shops in Kapa, ​​it was written: “We open at 9. Or at 10. Sometimes - at 11. Close at 6. Often - at 5. If you really want - then 4. Come in, we will be very happy. ”

On the sights of the island of Kauai, interesting traditions and exceptional food, I will discuss in the following parts of the article.

Going to Hawaii? "All covered with greens, absolutely all ..."
Going to Hawaii? "Eat coconuts, chew bananas ..."

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