Prague. How to get lost and find? Part 2

For example, to our hotel from the Andel metro station another 20 minutes was to go by bus. He even walked at three in the morning, but not after 10 minutes, as in the daytime, but after 30, and changed the yellow day sign to the green one - night. The tariff at the same time practically did not change, if only for a couple of crowns. But there was no need to take a taxi from the center, because the Prague metro is a real pleasure.

Arriving from Karlovy Vary to Prague, Tosha and I decided not to return to the hotel. They arrived by subway to the cable car to Petrzhin, looked into the restaurant “At Švejk” - they didn’t admire, because they decided to have dinner later, especially since an hour later the tower on Petrzhyne was closed.

The people, having the same desire, had crammed into the cable car, so they had to stand. An architectural ensemble of Prague Castle, the Vltava Embankment, Petrzha Gardens are beginning to bloom. Upstairs we were greeted by a cozy park, strictly lined with lines of green borders. It was colder here than below, so the trees were just about to bloom.

Focusing on the tower, peeking out from behind the bare branches that supported the gray March sky, we came out to it in 10 minutes unhurried pace. Forty minutes were left before closing, but ... I had to kiss the castle. The Russian (!) Boy behind the closed door explained that the work had already been stopped. Say, come in the summer when the tower runs longer. It turned out that Russian pofigism is a contagious disease, and even the European love of money wins (entrance to the tower was paid).

Tosh suggested to walk a bit along the Petrzhin avenues and go back on the funicular too. I did not resist too much: the snow was falling, it was cold, but there was no violent flowering. In the bare garden walk - no pleasure.

When we went down, we came to a market. They sold fragrant, bright Dutch strawberries. But again, failure: the Korean (or Chinese?) At the counter did not speak any of the foreign languages ​​other than his native, and we could neither find out the price per kilogram, nor buy 300 grams of my favorite berry. As it turned out later, this is a standard story for most of the Prague markets with an oriental flavor. Poor Prague citizens are probably forced to learn Chinese ...

Attempting to independently find Wenceslas Square in the intricacies of narrow streets was again unsuccessful. Somewhere in the area of ​​Old Town Square, we finally got lost and decided to ask the way to the walkers. And again the paradox: we met the Germans, the French, the Spaniards, the same Chinese - but not a single Czech. Apparently, at midnight, the people of Prague have been sleeping for a long time, since their working day starts early, somewhere from half past seven in the morning.

Actually, I wanted to go to Wenceslas exclusively from gastronomic reasons: such delicious sausages were cooked at the Easter fair! Our compatriot, who worked as a barker in some basement restaurant, saved me from hunger. The young man turned on all his charm, and we literally a minute later sat at a table and ordered sausages much tastier than those on the square.

What are sausages without beer? They brought us some local dark variety, on which we checked another Prague sign - about the brewer's conscience. It is said that real beer brewed conscientiously has such a strong foam that it easily holds a one-crown coin. I repent: we only found a coin in two crowns in our wallets, which sank with a cheerful gurgle. It would be possible to consider the experiment a failed one, but the beer was canceled!

We returned to the hotel at almost three in the morning, and at five it was necessary to wake up to go to Olomouc. The Italians burigosed all night long, the hot southern guys burst into all the rooms without exception with guitars and songs. We honestly tried to sleep, and we even succeeded.

In the morning, having met at the buffet with our fellow travelers from St. Petersburg, they laughed for a long time. The girls, whom the neighbour's temperament finally weary, took the opportunity to take revenge in a pioneering manner. Having collected all the available toothpaste, they squeezed it into the shoes left by Italian students according to their national custom behind the doors of the rooms in the corridor. I can imagine how funny the Italians were when they tried to put on their shoes!

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