What is a "successful" appearance?

By the way, cigarettes must also be expensive. Anyway, if you smoke in public. At home you can do without the Golden Java.

But on the decorations you can save. People with taste do not put their diamonds on public display. On the contrary, do not try to fasten all the jeweler-trade rings and chains on you. This is exactly the option when the quantity gives the quality of the owner of the thing.

And finally, it would seem, such obscure things as all kinds of shirts, blouses, ties and neckerchiefs. They must also be from an expensive store and defiantly fresh. Do not try to buy a tie on the market that resembles Armani’s latest masterpiece. You expose! And so with everything.

In a word, we come again to the thesis announced by us earlier: “If you want to be lucky - first start to look like a lucky person ...”

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