Earnings on the Internet - a reality or a myth? Supply and demand

First, let's define the very concept of "earnings on the Internet." It is not entirely correct in its essence. The Internet is simply one of the means of communication between the employer and the contractor. Therefore, it would be better to say "earnings through the Internet." But in view of a well-established cliché, let me use the familiar term for everyone.

Any person, who has not even studied the fundamentals of the economy, should understand that receiving income (honestly) is possible only in two ways: by selling goods or rendering services. In ordinary life, this is realized, respectively, by entrepreneurial activity and hired labor.

Work on the Internet absolutely nothing in this respect is no different. You must either sell products or provide services. 99% of users seeking online earnings are not willing to invest serious money in sales. Therefore, in the future we will focus on the provision of services.

So, you have a computer connected to the network, and a certain amount of free time. You consider yourself a confident PC user, quite an intelligent and ambitious person. Where to start?

The main error occurs at this stage. The vast majority of potential Internet workers are driven into the search: "earnings on the Internet." We will talk about the consequences of this later, but now we will just speculate ...

For what the employer is willing to pay money and in what quantity?

The cost of any service is based on supply and demand. Omit the demand and consider only the supply factor. The more people are able to provide a particular service, the lower will be the payment for its implementation. In real life, everybody understands this: almost any person can work as a guard, but there are very few air traffic controllers.

It is from such thoughts that one should start searching for earnings on the Internet. You need to ask yourself the question: what can I do useful things better than others? If nothing comes to mind, then you can not even dream about Internet earnings.

There are no vacancies on the Internet such as a janitor, watchman, loader, distributor of leaflets (promoter), etc. I do not in any way want to offend members of these professions. I just want to show that the Internet in this regard is a special environment where physical labor is by definition impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to realistically assess their capabilities.

Just want to determine the leitmotif of this topic: more or less decent earnings on the Internet is possible only for specialists in one of the most demanded intellectual areas..

For those who, having read it, were disappointed, I suggest, nevertheless, to review my next notes. Maybe they will push you to the study of what will continue to bring you income. And maybe it will be just interesting - in fact, I will pay special attention to methods of fraud.

Suppose you have no special abilities. Is it possible to earn anything on the Internet? Is quite real. But do not rely on decent earnings. Maximum - for ice cream or pay for the phone.

1. View advertising - 3-6 kopecks / minute (during the day a limited number of tasks).

2. Reading letters - 6-8 kopecks / minute (limited).

3. Recognition "captcha" - half a penny for one.

4. “Like” something in social networks - 2−5 kopecks.

5. Joining the social network group with some activity - 20−50 kopecks (limited).

6. Joining the group + inviting 40 friends - 1−3 rubles.

There are other higher paying jobs. But still - a maximum of 5−10 p. at one o'clock. With experience, some users who did not give up and were not too lazy, earn up to 100 p. in a day. But it is units.

It is unlikely that the applicant of earnings on the Internet initially expects a similar amount. Remember these rates to understand how fraudsters work. This will be discussed further. And in the next article we will consider options for more or less decent earnings on the Internet.

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