Are mobile phones harmful?

The first mobile phones appeared 20 years ago in Sweden. And immediately began to conquer the world with giant steps. Every year, the happy owners of "mobile phones" became more and more. And now, in our days, a decent part of the population, including the author of these lines, and I am sure that my reader, too, simply cannot live without a mobile connection. Especially since for some remote areas in some countries this is the only way to connect with the world. A mobile phone is a reliable helper in our daily affairs, it allows you to quickly receive the necessary information and, of course, provides just unlimited communication opportunities.

However, like any other object in our world, cell phones have a downside ... From the moment of their appearance to the present day, scientists have not stopped arguing about the dangers of mobile phones to our health. A huge number of scientists loudly declare that the use of mobile communication increases the risk of brain and ear tumors, asthma and eczema can develop, there is also a possibility of blood cell destruction. Scientists express such fears on the basis of the results of numerous experiments that were carried out both on animals and on humans.

So, the Scottish scientist William Stewart conducted his experiments on earthworms. The results were impressive, it turned out that under the radiation of mobile phones, the worms changed the structure of the protein. “Living tissue is simply fried in the style of a piece of meat in a microwave oven,” says Stewart.
Similar studies were also conducted in Russia at the Moscow Institute of Biophysics. The experimental were ordinary frogs, which were placed in a high-frequency electromagnetic field for 5–10 minutes. Even with very low irradiation, every second frog stopped its heart, and the rest decreased the frequency of its contractions.

In the summer of 2003, Swedish scientists stated, conducting the same experiments on rats, that mobile radiation leads to irreversible consequences in the rat brain. Animals were exposed to mobile phones for two hours. And 50 days after that, scientists examined their brains with a microscope and found numerous vascular damage and foci of dead neurons. The stronger the mobile radiation was, the more serious the damage was. The findings of scientists are pessimistic: “It is possible that mobile phones have exactly the same effect on a human brain, because in its structure it is similar to the brain of rats. And if our assumptions are confirmed, today's young people, who use cell phones very intensively, will face Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s diseases already at the age of Christ. ”

Finnish scientists conducted their experiments on the living human brain. And their experiments have shown that mobile radiation strongly affects the walls of blood vessels, as a result of which harmful substances enter the brain, which can cause already irreversible changes.

What do the officials in our country think about this issue? Thus, the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko does not deny the harmful effects of mobile phones on human health. Here are his words: “... in this case there is a certain justified alarm, since the radiation that occurs as a result of the use of mobile phones has a certain harmful effect.” Gennady Onishchenko also mentioned the fact that there is even information about the appearance of cancer from mobile radiation. He also clarified that the harm from the phone depends on its frequency response and on security, and also noted that in our country the sanitary standards for mobile phones are “much tougher than Western ones.”

And here are some interesting statistics. Russian scientists say that people react differently to radiation from cell phones: for example, 15% of users do not notice it at all, 70% turn on a protective mechanism that reduces negative effects, while the remaining 15% are very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. Even after one small talk on the cell phone, they become more tired and sleepless, itching, burning, pressure drops and headache can also be noted. It turns out that we pay for the use of this archival thing (except, of course, the money for communication) with our health.

And finally, I want to bring just a shocking case of the influence of a mobile phone on health! This incident occurred in 2005 in the California town of Sherman Oaks. Then the 10-year-old boy almost did not burn alive when his cell phone exploded (!) In his pocket. As a result, this gift from his caring mother turned into serious injuries for him - burns of the legs and groin area, but he was quickly taken to the hospital, where he received first aid. By the way, according to his mother, the phone was completely new and belonged to a very famous brand - Motorola.

Thus, the rapid development of the mobile communications market has led to a state of affairs in which we simply cannot refuse a cell phone, because it has entered our lives very strongly, and I very much doubt that the results of mobile radiation research will stop anyone from buying and using a mobile phone. However, I want to give a couple of useful tips on how to minimize the harm from the phone:
· Whenever possible, talk on a cellular phone for no more than three minutes with an interval of 15 minutes or use a headset
· It is better to keep a mobile phone away from the body and certainly not to be worn around your neck as a pendant.

I am sure that the debate in the scientific community will continue for more than one year, and the final answer to the question “are mobile phones harmful?” We’ll get very soon.

Watch the video: Link between cell phones and cancer unproven (December 2019).


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