Who is the referral?

So, a referral is a person who works on the Internet and the percentage of his income goes to the “owner”, in turn, the owner can also be someone’s referral. All referrals are divided into levels - they are of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. level, as much as the system supports. For each project referrals are recruited separately. Income from referral activities depends on the activity and time of work.

How to make someone just work for themselves? Practically it turns out that you can. The technology of attracting referrals is simple and has several options:
1. Invitation - when you are promised some amount of money for your participation (registration) in the project you need for the owner.
2. Follow the link - you just offer to go and register, and you will be a referral. Nowhere in the text does not indicate that you will become a referral, but according to the content of the link it can be assumed.
3. Cheating - you can not view the contents of the link and do not guess that this is a reflink, that is, a link that tells the site that the user has come from - it helps to secure this visitor to the owner.
It is possible to recognize a reflink, and in most cases placing such a link is perceived as a bad form (for example, on forums).

Is the referral slave? I think not, because part of the income is not all the earnings, and if there is no income, then the referral does not work. Often the referral and the owner earn a penny, and the more referrals the owner has, the more likely it is that the future state will be formed from the kopecks.
It is almost impossible to find out whether you are a referral, only in some sites there is an opportunity for the owners to contact the referral and if they contact you, then you will know the truth for sure. The owner of the referral can be changed by resale on the "referral exchange". The change of owner is likely to pass unnoticed by the referral himself, but the new owner always risks buying, because no one will guarantee that the employee will not be lazy or even “dead” - who will cease to work for the owner. Buying a referral is Russian roulette, there are also strategies here, but they do not always work.

The second situation involving referrals is affiliate programs for sales or clicks. Here, each user, following the link and buying something or just clicking on the banner, brings income in the form of deductions from the sale or a fixed remuneration per click. This system allows shops to attract buyers to their sites without special expenses, and advertising space owners to recoup their site maintenance costs.

In both cases, the owner either registers his referrals himself, or the webmasters or other users are given a link, posting which they attract future earnings companions. Such links are usually found on websites devoted to earnings, or banners and links, offering you to buy something or go to another resource. It is necessary to follow such links for the reason that most webmasters place links for clicks and sales to pay for the space for the site (if there is no money, there will not be your favorite resources).

And yet, you should not worry if you ever become a referral - this is not so bad, because this is how you will learn about new resources and thank your earnings partners for their advertising and work.

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