Fire on Mount Carmel. Will we wait for the next one?

In the hospitals with the victims, the celebrities reached out, with a regret in their voice telling the journalists that we were one people. The authorities invested anxiously hurried to emergency meetings, there are calls for the population: who can help the evacuees with what ... In general, everything is “as always”.

However, this time the recognizable picture of big trouble was supplemented, in my opinion, by a rather significant detail - just a few hours after the start of the fire, the government realized that the country could not cope with it, and turned to the international community for help.

Not ironically, in high-tech Israel, which took part in the development of aircraft to extinguish large-scale fires, these same aircraft do not. Globalization, about which we had forgotten somewhat, having ceased to look at news stories about the global crisis that had not stopped, reiterated itself once again, demonstrating our universal dependence on each other by the absence of the necessary from some and the presence of the necessary from others.

That is why I think that today the main priority is not the trivial need to have normal relations with neighbors (both at the state level and at the household level), but sincere interest in their neighbors' prosperity. Because without this, I myself, my love, will not flourish.

Today we still do not quite understand. Not obvious. As they say in the press, "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced (highlighted by me) to seek help from foreign countries. ” But how much easier it would be for everyone to live if the “head of the government” didn’t appeal to anyone - everyone would begin to offer their help in vain! You say: nonsense, utopia, it does not happen?

Yes, unfortunately, so far it really does not happen. However, the trends that are already visible quite clearly today (suffice it to recall the much stronger dependencies of economies of different countries than we thought) suggest that globalization will still force us (not abstract governments, but you and me) think about the fact that in order to survive in a suddenly changed world, we need to change our attitude, and above all - to each other.

Finally, it can be said that aid to Israel, of course, has come. Airplanes from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Great Britain circle over the mountain, pouring tons of water on it, which should allow firefighters on the ground to at least somehow come close to the raging flame and extinguish it. Help came from Russia (more precisely, flew in) in the form of an IL-76, a Be-200 amphibious aircraft and a heavy Mi-26 transport helicopter. The USA, Canada, Spain, Turkey, France, Croatia, Egypt, Jordan and Azerbaijan offered to help or even offer my help ... And yet I cannot help but recall that the last major fire on Mount Carmel was in 1989. Will we wait for the next one?

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