What is a spoon massage?

Having learned to be a doctor, Rene Koch led a scientific basis for massage with spoons. He developed not only massage with cold, but also hot and scented spoons for massage of different parts of the body. After reading this information, I decided to try it out in practice, to check, so to speak, on myself.

Indescribable feeling! Worth trying. The effect comes, of course, only with systematic use. The complex of this massage is easy to find on the sites about health and beauty, having set the required data in a search engine. I am now about my feelings. About your experience.

The main movement is circular. Clockwise and against. Spoons took silver, large. Prepared a base - olive oil plus 2 drops of essential - took lemon balm oil. Spoons heated in warm water, buttered with oil and - for work! If someone saw me, he would have thought that I had problems with mental health. Spoons smoothly go over the face and neck. Nicely! And how many problems got rid of! Younger, again the blush began to play and wrinkles are gone somewhere.

And one good friend inspired me to this feat. I have not seen her for a long time. And she hard hides her age. And suddenly - all this summer girl, so young, flutters! And what a neck! She discovered her secret, smiling mysteriously, reluctantly: “Dr. Koch helped me.” I already thought that a new-fashioned magician appeared in the city. Natural curiosity prompted Uncle Yandex to ask a question. And how many interesting and necessary I learned! Experimenter in the shower - I immediately rushed to experience for myself. You haven't tried this yet? Spoon draws out a sea of ​​problems. And cellulite removes, and bags under the eyes, and the second chin. And most importantly, it nourishes the skin and gently massages it, and the contours of the face acquire greater clarity. Muscles become more elastic. It is worth a try. First for fun. And seeing the results, make it a habit. A good habit.

A spoon of hot or warm helps to massage the face and neck. Dropped in into the fine ice - tightens the eyelids and eliminates bags and dark circles under the eyes. A cold spoon around the navel (clockwise) cleans fat folds well. Warm spoons actively massage the neckline. I think the principle is clear.

The skin should be clean, without makeup. Spoons are heated or cooled and work smoothly, without stretching the lines. The optimal time for the procedures is immediately after waking up. And the day will be brighter! And compliments more often!

Beauty to you and positive in the shower!

Watch the video: Chinese Spoon Facial Massage for Slimmer V-shaped Face (December 2019).


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