Dates - a treat, food or medicine?

They say that in China there are long-livers, which are based solely on food for dates. In any case, this is a very useful product, and many nutritionists recommend eating it instead of sweets. In addition, dates from ancient times were known for their healing properties. They were widely used to combat various cancers, tuberculosis, all sorts of tumors, infectious and other diseases.

It is believed that dried dates have a positive effect on the brain, increasing its productivity by 20% or more.

Dates are one of the most ancient fruits cultivated by man. Even today they serve as an important element of a healthy diet and diet in many countries of the world due to their excellent taste and unique nutritional properties. Wild dates were used by the ancestors of the modern Arabs 5-7 thousand years ago. In Israel, they successfully germinated the seed of dates, found in excavations of a site two thousand years old. This variety of date palms was distinguished by special healing properties, but disappeared more than 500 years ago.

Images of dates are found on the wall paintings of Egyptian tombs, and in ancient Babylon even wine and vinegar were prepared from them. Dried, dried and fresh dates, rich in minerals and sugar, were the basis of the Bedouin diet. The Arab warrior, going on a campaign, necessarily took with him, in order to maintain endurance and muscle strength, 2 bags of dates, hanging them from the horse's saddle on both sides.

The largest part of date palms grows in Arab countries. Saudi Arabia is the world leader in the production and sale of dates. Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Sudan, Syria, and Tunisia are also major producers and suppliers of dates. However, date palms have been imported to other parts of the world, and are now growing in the United States (California), Mexico, Australia, South Africa and other countries. There are so many varieties of dates that even specialists have a hard time understanding them.

Fruits of date palms contain a lot of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, mineral salts, vitamins of groups A and B, essential amino acids, protein, etc. Scientists believe that 10 dates a day is enough to meet the daily needs of humans in magnesium, copper, sulfur, half the need for iron, a quarter of the need for calcium. Some nutritionists argue that one date and a glass of milk can provide the minimum necessary human need for nutrients. 23 kinds of amino acids contained in dates are absent in most other fruits. In the dried fruits of dates contain 60−65% sugar - the highest percentage compared with all other fruits. And it is mainly glucose and fructose, the consumption of which does not have negative consequences for the human body in comparison with sucrose.

According to its nutritional, dietary and medicinal properties, dates are equal to cereals. They are useful for adults, children, pregnant women. Fresh dates are added to many dishes - fruit salads, buns, homemade cookies, pies and cakes. Date honey produces date honey, sugar, alcoholic date juice, and palm flour from the heart of the tree. Fresh dates are well preserved in the refrigerator. Date sugar is much more beneficial for the body than cane or beetroot. If you put dried dates in hot milk for a while, their taste improves, and with the filling of butter, nuts, almonds or thick cream, the protein and protein content of the human body increases.

Date-Arabs make pasta that can be stored year-round. Fruits of dates are also used for making compotes, muesli, jelly and all kinds of confectionery, they are a great dessert. They can be turned into flour, get the kind of honey. After fermentation, they get a nice drink. It should be said that dates do not contain cholesterol at all. Dates are very useful for digestion, they produce a cleansing effect on the digestive system. Russian scientist I. I. Mechnikov recommended consuming dates for intestinal disorders. Since dried and dried dates have a sticky surface, and they can get contaminated and bacteria, you should not keep them outdoors for a long time, and you should wash them before use.

Since ancient times, dates have been known for their healing properties. It was believed that the fruits of date palms give strength, endurance, increase longevity, enhance male sexual potency. The benefits of fruits are also in the fact that they strengthen the heart, liver and kidneys, promote the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, support the body’s acid balance and nourish the blood, promote the development of root brain endings, enhance the body’s ability to withstand various infections, including viral. Dates are also useful for anemia and hypertension, for the chest and lungs, soothe cough and promote the withdrawal of sputum, extremely useful for brain activity. Dietary fiber contained in dates, reduces the risk of cancer.

Due to the high content of potassium, doctors recommend to use dates for cardiovascular diseases. In case of heart failure, dates stimulate the activity of the heart, serve as a tonic and restorative remedy, restore strength after a long illness. Dates help with paralysis of the facial nerve, with fatigue and physical fatigue, with diabetes.

A decoction of dates with rice helps with dystrophy. Especially good for caring for the health of dates women during pregnancy, during childbirth and when feeding a child. They facilitate childbirth, contribute to the beginning of the production of milk by the female body. Instead of sweets, they are recommended to those who follow a diet and try to maintain their weight in good condition.

Thus, it turns out - eat dates, and there will be a blessing and longevity for your whole family. Do not be ill!

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