How to delay the defeat in the fight against age? Physical form.

Watch for weight. Every five kilograms of weight a person ages not less than a year. Think about your "real" age. Excess weight - an extra burden on the heart, skeleton and legs. Excess weight is an appearance unworthy of you, causing negative impressions on others. Do not turn yourself into a "pulley", but the immense bodies are not your form either.

Do not lose weight dramatically. A sharp weight loss leads to a loss of skin elasticity, an increase in the number of wrinkles. Outwardly, you can even grow old after such experiments. Losing weight by a couple of kilograms per month is the limit. Diet must be supported by physical exercise. And ideally, it is better not to gain extra pounds at all. And the sooner you start fighting with them, the better.

Be picky about food. When choosing a menu, proceed from the needs of the organism, various chronic diseases impose serious restrictions on the set of “usable” products. General recommendations - vegetables and fruits, coarse cereals and cereals from cereals, cottage cheese, less animal fat, more seafood. Do not overeat. All calories eaten should be spent on a good cause, and not on subcutaneous accumulation.

More fluid. Liquid is still water and juice. Water will improve skin and reduce appetite. The minimum amount per day is one and a half to two liters. Beer is not a liquid, but an alcoholic beverage. It does not contribute to weight loss. On the contrary, adds.

Be physically active. Sport is harmful, physical education is useful. Engage for yourself to have fun and joy. Records and violence against themselves are not needed. Hard to force yourself? Find like-minded people, together it will be easier to overcome individual laziness.

More often in the fresh air. Fresh air is enough oxygen and physical activity. In the cities, do not look for fresh air at the crossroads of busy streets. There is no good, only harm. Get to the park. Even better - cottage and country landscape.

Watch your skin. For some women, this is the only recognized opportunity to look younger. They spend a significant portion of their income on the purchase of new cosmetic products. In fact, for nutrition, it is enough to apply a face cream a couple of times a day for 20-30 minutes, and then using tonic to remove what is left from the face.

And men do not need to be skeptical smile. Shave in the morning? What do you use before, for and after shaving? Pay attention and read the labels. Not so difficult, but effective.

Good mood and physical form, of course, the main "fronts" of the struggle for elusive youth. But, even obviously losing the battles on these sites, one can and should take care of the image. You look, he and will pull behind him the lagging "components". Traditionally, appearance concerns worry women more. About this further.

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