How to choose an electronic payment system?

On the Russian Internet, the most visited electronic payment services are WebMoney, Yandex. Money and the Russian-Ukrainian system RUPAY.

WebMoney is probably the most popular Russian payment system. It allows a registered user to start an unlimited number of virtual wallets in various currencies - in rubles, dollars, euros, as well as Ukrainian hryvnias and Uzbek soums. A virtual wallet is a unique combination of a Latin letter and several numbers within the system. To make payments, you need to install a special program on your computer - WebMoney Keeper, although you can work through the browser.

Actually, WebMoney-money can be put into virtual wallets, by purchasing special WM-cards, making a bank transfer or exchanging your cash for virtual in some exchange offices, as well as WM-money, someone can transfer you from other virtual wallets and systems, if you want , of course :).

Well, what to spend online coins and banknotes is the second thing. Electronic payments are accepted by all major Russian mobile communications companies, many Internet service providers and owners of commercial television systems. More and more online stores and travel companies are switching to "paperless" methods of payment. With the help of WM-money you can get legal advice, insure yourself, subscribe to periodicals - you can’t list them all. Currency between wallets, if necessary, can be exchanged in virtual exchange points, choosing the best rate. Finally, it is easy to turn virtual money back into ordinary money by making a transfer to an account in a bank. For any payment transaction, it is enough to indicate the number of the purse-recipient and the amount. For any transfers between wallets in equal currency and transfer of money to the bank, the system will take a small commission - 0.8% from the one who transfers money. Service developers pay great attention to the security of payments - all connections when conducting financial transactions in the system are securely encrypted.

Yandex systems. Money and RUPAY are somewhat simpler than WebMoney, their sites offer convenient features for working through the browser, without installing additional programs. Yandex. Money operates only in Russian rubles, and RUPAY - in US dollars. Otherwise, they work similarly to the WebMoney system, except that they differ slightly in the percentage of commissions charged for operations. Sites services Yandex. Money and RUPAY also offer many ways to put money on online accounts and spend your hard-earned virtual money.

All of these systems have one major drawback - they do not allow making calculations on foreign sites. In order to get this opportunity, you need to make an account in one of the foreign payment systems available to Russian users, for example, E-Gold or MoneyBookers, and transfer money to them from the same WebMoney or Yandex.Money. This can be done in virtual exchange offices, which are very numerous on the Internet. Interestingly, E-Gold does not use money for storing funds, but precious metals, and calculations are carried out in virtual grams.

The use of electronic money is a simple and economical way if the need arises to transfer money to Russia from abroad. Even using a bundle of two payment systems, foreign and Russian, the sum of all commissions does not exceed 5–7 percent of the original amount. This is obviously more profitable than transferring money, say, through Western Union, where the transfer fee can be 20% or more if the amount transferred is small.

But still, the main convenience of electronic payment systems is cashless payment for goods and services. Now, when the account on my mobile phone begins to dangerously close to zero, I don’t rush headlong to the office of my operator or to the nearest kiosk behind the payment card, but just find the WebMoney Keeper icon with the mouse pointer.

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