What are HYIP investment funds?

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program (High-Profitable Investment Program), received widespread on the Internet. This is usually understood as any investment that generates a higher return than your savings account, with rates of around 4% -5% per year.

Earn on such programs is really possible. The main question is how much you will get and how much you will lose, you cannot do without losses. Roughly all the funds can be divided into 3 categories: paying, paying temporarily and not paying at all.
The first includes funds that regularly pay interest accrued, which are rarely more than 1% per day. Such funds exist, as a rule, quite a long time. The source of funding for such funds are either stock exchanges or a real off-line business. Investments in such funds can bring a stable but very small income with minimal risk of losing the invested money.

The second can be attributed to the funds built on the principle of financial pyramids, i.e. for some time they can receive interest on investments that consist of the money of attracted investors, so as soon as the owner of the fund collects the necessary amount, you can say goodbye to your money. Percentages here can reach 5 and even 10 per day. You can earn money here once - invest money at the beginning of the foundation of the fund, withdraw it and no longer get connected.

Still others are frankly kidalovo, you will never see your money, although interest will accrue on your account, sometimes not very small, but if you try to withdraw it (transfer to your account), the money goes to the fund owner’s wallet, the interest here may be astronomical: up to 300% per day.

So, you still want to try to make money on it?
Then you need to look for HYIP monitors, of which the whole sea divorced the network, the main thing is that in the monitor the links to the corresponding funds are not referral, this guarantees a more or less independent assessment.
Always read reviews about funds in monitors and ratings.
Never invest all the money in one fund.
Start investing with the minimum possible amount and then I recommend to act according to the following principle: invest the minimum amount until you return 400%. After that, you can increase your investment by 2 times and further along the same lines, this will reduce the risk of losing all your money.
Invest in several funds, it is desirable that some were from the first category.
And most importantly: be morally ready to say goodbye to the money that you invest.

I wish you success!

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