How to choose and drink mineral water?

It would seem that drinking water - it is water. But the real mineral water is capricious and requires delicate handling ... It is more precious than the most precious wines. For centuries and millennia, rainwater seeped through the layers of rock, naturally accumulating a variety of substances, dissolving minerals.

This is the first trick: the right choice is only natural, not “artificial” water, obtained through deep cleaning and additional salinity of banal tap water.

It is no secret that the mineral water is most useful directly from a healing source. In the absence of such within reach, you can use the water in the bottle, after carefully examining the label.

  1. The first thing we pay attention to is the “name”. If it inspires confidence that the water is not bottling “Made in the basement”, then we continue to study further, otherwise we will go to another shelf and look for something more reliable.
  2. The second is chemical and chemical-physical analysis of the composition of mineral water. It is just necessary that the label should indicate not only the information on what kind of salt this water contains, but also the date of the analysis, and the name of the laboratory that conducted it.
  3. And, finally, the shelf life ... The mineral packaged in glass containers is stored for up to 2 years, and the water in plastic bottles is only 6 months.

Good advice: It is better to store a bottle with natural water in a horizontal position, it is possible in the refrigerator, optimally - at a temperature of 4 to 14 degrees Celsius.

And finally - about how to still drink mineral water.

Open the bottle, wait until the water is calm, and slowly pour into glasses.

Well, everything seems to be?

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