What to eat in Turkey, or Imam fainted

Everyone knows that the best cuisine in the world is French, then comes Chinese. Or on the contrary, other judges believe. Then they call it Italian, I even saw Russian cuisine in third place. But does anyone know that the third place is arguing, and not without reason, Turkish cuisine?

Turkish cuisine originated as a fusion of Asian, European, African, and was influenced, above all, by the institute of palace cuisine at the courts of the Ottoman sultans. Imagine: in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul in the 17th century there were about 13 thousand cooks! And the military elite - the Janissaries - even the ranks were associated with the kitchen - “cooking soup” - the division commander, he had officers under his command: “cooks”, “baking pancakes”. No, they did not cook the soup, they only ate it, it’s just military ranks. A big role in the Turkish cuisine had a traditional respect for food.

Turkish cuisine - This is a feast of the belly, but this is especially noticeable in desserts. Turkish sweets incalculable: “Braided turban”, “Female thigh”, “Nightingale's nest”, “Finger of the vizier” ... The most famous - baklava (thin cakes, sprinkled with nuts and covered with sugar syrup). Good and Lokma - fried pieces of yeast dough with syrup. What to say about the familiar to us Turkish delight, halva, marzipan... All this is served with drinks, tea, sherbet. But coffee, despite the glory of Turkish coffee, is used a little.

No, I could not restrain myself not to name a few more dishes of this magical cuisine: “Imam baildi”, which means “Imam fainted” - it seemed so delicious to him, “It pleases the Sultan”, “The wounded turban”, “Turkish bliss "," Star of the Harem "- inexhaustible fantasy of Turkish chefs! What a pity that I can not name these dishes in Turkish! It's like a song, like a great hymn to great food! Yes, I only learn Turkish for this ...

But we ran ahead. Let's eat Turkish. Do you have time? Then go ahead, for lunch can last 4–5 hours for the Turks. First you will be offered meze - snacks. TO meze include olives, salads, pickled vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, honey melon slices, fish, fried mussels, pies, calamari, stuffed eggs, yoghurt sauce with garlic and fresh bread ... add the rest. The meze is followed by the main dishes, above all, kebabsthat are cooked on charcoal, sometimes in dishes, but without water. Oh, what a magic it is - these kebabs made from meat of the excellent quality of breeding rams and cattle grown on open pastures. Only, for God's sake, do not call kebabs kebabs!

The main course can be kofte - minced raw meat, mixed with egg and spices, which can be served in the form of balls, both fried and raw. And do not be twisted, you first try! Hardly when you want something else! However, if you are offered fish, of course, you will not refuse. The most popular way of cooking is roasting on charcoal, while the fish has a unique flavor. You can try red mullet, swordfish, octopus, cuttlefish, oysters, stingray, red bream, lobsters - all the freshest. The fish queen is hamsa. In Turkey, they know more than 40 ways of cooking it (even the dessert from it).

On the side - of course pilaf - This is a dish of rice and wheat grains, served as a side dish to meat and vegetable dishes. What is this prose - vegetable dishes! No, these are not dishes! It is something divine, I do not know from what god. Probably, they all invisibly direct the hands of Turkish cooks who compose this divine miracle!

Vegetable products in turkish kitchen They are divided into two types: stewed in their own juice with olive oil and stuffed, and then fried (or baked). All stuffed vegetables are called “dolma"(From the verb" Doldurmak "- to fill). Meat and rice mince are popular; the most beloved dolma - from green sweet pepper with rice. As for vegetables, not a single Turk will refuse Zeitinyals - braised green beans with tomatoes and onions. Condiments and spices in vegetable (and the rest) dishes, contrary to popular belief, are used very sparingly. Mint or dill combined with zucchini, parsley - with eggplant. Lemon and yogurt balance the flavor of olive oil, meat or vegetables. Cold vegetable dishes are especially tasty.

Dessert dishes we have already mentioned. They mentioned ... Yes, they can and should be talked about for hours! But, alas, time is over.

Try Turkish cuisine! “Sherefe!” - your health!

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