How to cook vegetarian plov?

Over the years, addictions in our family have quietly changed, approaching the norms of vegetarianism, and the dish has changed with them. In fact, there is no meat in it now, but to call it porridge also does not turn its tongue. In any case - appreciate!

So, he is preparing fast enough. When cooking, you must follow at least three rules.

  • The first rule: rice for pilaf should be washed at least seven times in cold water and once in warm water.
  • The second rule: a lot of carrots and onions should be present in the pilaf.
  • The third rule: after boiling water, the pilaf should be kept on a VERY slow fire WITHOUT KINNING under a tight lid for 35 minutes.

And now, in fact, the recipe for pilaf. Rice for pilaf can be any. It depends on your taste. The main thing is that it should be whole, not crushed. Take one and a half cups of rice, pour it into a wide bowl and rinse well with cold water.

I do it like this: pour rice in a bowl with cold water, mix it with my hands for a while, then drain the water. And so seven times! Then pour hot water and again slowly and thoroughly mixed, and so leave until, while preparing carrots.

For one and a half cups of rice, you need to take about five or six medium-sized carrots and three or four medium onions. Do not be afraid to perebavit, it will not affect the taste of pilaf. Pilaf we have a vegetable. You can add sweet Bulgarian pepper, tomato, but this is like seasoning, the main thing is onions and carrots.

Cut carrots on a coarse grater, cut onions, peppers, tomatoes. Vegetables prepared in such a way all together are lightly boiled in vegetable oil in a pot or in a metal pan, in which it is recommended to boil the porridge. Here also add salt, black pepper to taste. Love spicy dishes - add more red.

Then you need to drain the water from our soaked rice and lay it on top of the stewed vegetables in an even layer. In the middle you can stick a small head of garlic. It must be pre-rinsed and, without cleaning to the end, incise each lobule. Gently, trying not to mix, pour the rice with hot water, so that it covers about two fingers.

On high heat bring the water to a boil, then make the smallest fire that this cooker is capable of, cover the pan with a lid and even a napkin on top can be covered. And exactly 35 minutes do not touch the pan.

After the expiration of the specified time we remove the pilaf from the fire, the lid can be opened, mixed and tried. If you have not guessed the amount of salt, salt it. Add finely chopped dill and parsley and (or) basil. This is all to taste. Let stand for about ten minutes your vegetable dish and can be served.

Enjoy your meal!

Watch the video: Traditional vegetarian plov (December 2019).


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