How to make your 6 acres dimensionless? Tips gardeners

Here the summer resident also puzzles. For early-raisins (radishes, garlic onions, feathers, lettuce) it’s just a sin not to single out a bit of earth: after a long winter, such vitamin beds are absolutely necessary. Count? Three or four beds off. Cucumbers and tomatoes - just holy. What a garden without them? Two or three off. Peppers and eggplants are already a dream. There is no place for them. Why? Yes, because the strawberry beds (and without them, again, not a garden) took precious meters. What a bed of sacrifice and for the sake of a garden? Though on the roof soot!

But the will on fiction is cunning. Our sharp-witted summer resident remembers the hanging gardens of Semiramis and wonders what he should hang on the roof and where. So that the bit of bit of land also gains under currant gooseberries and other tasty bushes. Eureka! Invented!

But I will not tell you yet. Let's first shove across the garden plot what can be safely planted in the near-stem circles of fruit trees and other unused corners.

Ditch trees with a radius of one meter so that the outer circle has a depression for watering. It is very convenient to throw a hose into such a circular furrow: water is absorbed into the ground without flowing over the edge. Around the trunk you have formed a flower bed. (A good host has always bleached with slaked lime. Do you, too, I hope?) You can sow cilantro, dill, lemon balm, mint, and basil seeds in such a flowerbed. You can plant a salad. Now we have saved the land and put fragrant herbs and tender lettuce leaves in the shadow of the crown.

We pushed further. No one said that cucumbers should certainly travel along the ground. They perfectly cling to high fences, arbors, arches. For this they are given a mustache. Therefore, they can be started along the perimeter along the fence, they can curl a gazebo or a netting net. Especially well curled Persian cucumber. Similarly, with zucchini.

Garlic on the feather grows well in flower pots along the edges of the steps of the porch or where you tell it. On the eaves of open verandahs and window sills of closed verandahs in pots it is possible to grow any greens.

Well, a little shove. And now you can tell some useful tips. There is still time ahead before spring, and our gardeners will have time to prepare everything during the winter. So what was Eureka about?

Have you noticed that wild strawberries love to grow along the railway line? Well, she likes the smell of creosote from the sleepers! Also, her domesticated strawberry sister readily tolerates planting in the ground on roofing felt or tar. Not sure what it is and for what? When the berries lie on the ground and ripen, they are threatened by many enemies: they are eaten by snails and other predatory beetles, they rot on the wet ground after the rain, the earth and sand stick to them. What to do?

Roll out a roll of ruberoid in the garden bed, take a dining plate. Two in a row at a distance of 30−40 cm - with a plate and chalk you mark the holes, which you then cut out with a garden shears in the roofing material. In these holes you plant outlets of mustache seedlings. It is advisable to take the outlets from the mother plant from the whisker. The harvest that grows out of the sockets in the spring will be saved from snails, rotting and dirt. The roll itself will serve you years with heels, and this is precisely the time when strawberries need to be updated.

Just so, shamelessly speculating on the love of strawberry-strawberries to all creosotes and technical oils, we make our strawberry bed grow ... up!

What is needed for this? Stock up automotive used rubber. The bigger the wheel, the better. At any carpool you will be given them for nothing, just to get rid of. Pick up pieces of 10 identical wheels.

On each tire around the circumference do chalk marking for the holes. Observe the thirty-centimeter step. Hole should be placed closer to the bottom. With the saw we cut small holes in the tea saucer. (Protect your eyes with glasses!) For convenience, you can cut the squares. We put the first wheel on a sunny place that you have previously taken for your vertical bed. Tightly fall asleep his wet earth. To prevent the earth from spilling through the holes, cover the holes with the remaining squares or tie a wheel around the wheel with a piece of tarpaulin.

Repeat the procedure with the second wheel, put it on top of the first one, fall asleep with earth. And thus we build our bed up to the desired height. When everything is finished, dry the oars and make strawberries.

And with strawberries, that's what. Many people think that strawberries ripen once a season. I ate strawberries and wait until next summer. Not at all. There is a so-called remontant strawberry, fructifying all summer, and sometimes warm in early autumn. For breeding remontant strawberries do not stint buy a few outlets of plants in the nursery. They are expensive, but they pay for themselves with their fruit bearing and the length of the growing cycle.

In addition, remontant strawberry itself is very decorative. It grows well in flower pots or hanging felt pots.

In the first summer, plant sockets in the ground, watch your mustache. Pinch off excess and weak. For wiring, leave a short mustache with one outlet. By the end of the summer, these sockets and move to a vertical garden bed. Calculate how many holes are on a vertical bed - these are the number of outlets you need, plus five heels for a reserve. The extra mustache draws upon itself the force of the mother plant, you do not need them, but the root apparatus of the socket will be rich.

Now plant your sockets in the hanging garden of Semiramis and wait for the next summer. And be proud of yourself: you managed to save garden space - once. You have strawberries all summer — two. Your crop of berries is not spoiled by a snail - three. Your berries are clean, do not rot - four. Is the sun going in a circle? Your bed evenly receives sunlight - five. You have an eternal bed - six. There is something to be proud of!

Eat your strawberries for health, make jam, make compotes and enjoy. Life is a success!

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