How to meet on the street, or Girl, girl, and what is your name?

The first is called the concept of places. For the success of the venture, one of the main factors affecting the successful outcome of the enterprise is the right place. So, the most successful place will be where people do not have a specific task, have free time and are slightly boring. These are squares, parks, boulevards, beaches, coffee shops, clubs, etc. The fact is that in these places our target has no target setting. And she (he) is pretty easy to make contact.

The second trick, applicable only for dating women, is that it is necessary to approach two young ladies. The fact is that if there are two of them, then, firstly, they, most likely, are just hanging around (or even, if the “concept of places” rule is fulfilled, they are waiting for an acquaintance), and secondly, statistics show that in single-handedness, a protective complex is triggered, because, in their opinion, they stick to one man in a dirty manner, and two — by definition, cannot be stuck. Let's praise the feminine logic and to the point!

And finally, the most effective method of street dating is called - contrast. For its implementation is chosen rude-minded, sexually preoccupied drunk, or just a male gopnik. Drunk moves along the boulevard, sitting down to everyone in a row, and everybody, on average, leaves it in 5 minutes, creating a magnificent backdrop for us. And then we, driven by drunkenness, will be perceived no more, no less, like beautiful knights, Welsh princes, and sun-like knights in tiger-skin.

And finally, I want to emphasize once again that:
- we are all humans;
- the opposite sex is not a humanoid, whose logic is incomprehensible;
- the elementary lack of fear of communication and the ability to connect a couple of words - 99% guarantee of success;
- and, finally, sincere sympathy for the “subject” is always felt on it, even if it be thick-skinned, like a hippopotamus. And when a person sees that he is interested in his interlocutor, he feels flattered and takes steps towards rapprochement himself.

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