How to surprise a loved one?

So, in order to plunge your loved one into a pleasant shock, you will need:
- a couple of hours of free time before he comes home from work
- clothes resembling a waitress costume and a tray
- products
- beautiful tablecloth, dishes, napkins
- stationery: pen, paper and folder
- lamp or candles
- romantic music
- flowers (optional)

To start, prepare a dinner of several dishes. This does not mean that you need to spend half a day in the kitchen. A pair of simple salads, a side dish and something meat is enough. To diversify the “menu” of your restaurant, buy a few different cakes, cheese, sausage, fruit, juice, wine ... However, if you are cultivating for culinary exploits, you can bake a cake and make a couple of exquisite and complex dishes.

And now it's time to make a menu. Take a few sheets of paper, divide each sheet into two columns. In the first, write the names of all the dishes and drinks that are in your kitchen. And in the second - the price that he will have to pay to try this or that product. For example, let a piece of bread cost your beloved one hot kiss, a glass of juice — five compliments to the “waitress,” that is, to you. Unleash your imagination, and you will see how many pleasant moments you can give to each other.

Be sure to include the show program in the menu. If you can dance, offer your favorite striptease, if you sing well, give him a song in your performance. If you do not possess the above talents, include massage or something else in the restaurant's list of services that will bring pleasure to your chosen one. You can charge any price - going to the restaurant next week, buying a new coat, promising your beloved to wash the dishes after dinner ... Before the striptease and massage, he is hardly satisfied!

After the menu is made, beautifully set the table, light the candles, turn on the romantic music. In general, arrange a small restaurant at home, decorating it with all available means. For the sake of such a holiday, you can buy balloons, flowers, scented candles. Put a menu on the table. You can even make a sign by writing the name of your “restaurant”, the opening hours and the cost of entry.

Now it remains only to reincarnate as a waitress and enter the image. Beautiful makeup, short dress, little apron, a smile on your face - and you're ready! You can add to your image sexuality with the help of stockings and shoes with heels. Here everything depends on you. Now forget your name for a while, think up a sonorous nickname for yourself and get ready to surprise!

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