Who is she - a woman with a gun?

Firearms It is rightly considered to be a man’s sport, if I may say so. Because I'm going to talk now about sports, and not about street shootouts from the 30s on the island of Sicily.

Now women are increasingly attached to the traditional male sports. It may be partly because both the stress and the life of modern women have become more intense, and therefore the discharge has become necessary with more adrenaline rush ... I can’t say for sure. I know for sure - the girl in the shooting range, knocking out 9 shots from 10 in the “top ten”, is no longer something extraordinary.

First you need to understand that weapons are weapons and it is not a toy. Even if it is in the hands of a fragile girl. Therefore, they may require a certificate from the doctor and documentation. Still, it's a serious matter.

In order to start practicing this sport, it is not at all necessary to have your own weapon - they will issue it to you in the shooting range for the duration of the training. You will be asked to sign that you have received the necessary instructions on rights, obligations and their consequences.

In principle, no “special” skills are required to start shooting practice. At the beginning, the instructor will probably give you a lightened version, but all the same - the basic principle will not change. Literally after a couple of lessons in a sports club, you will already feel much more confident with weapons in hand against the background of the surrounding men. the main thing - do not forget to put on the headphones, otherwise you will go out a little deaf and you may not hear how that pretty brunette asked your telephone number.

Shoot It is possible both from two hands, and from one. Though with an emphasis on the left, even with an emphasis on the right, even with your left eye, take aim, even with your right eye, this does not matter. As you prefer, shoot. Only to the victims of your "Exercise" was not.

You can shoot at the shooting range on the cardboard figures of “bandits” or on the sports “dozens” - how interesting it will be for you, and depending on what stage your shooting skills are.

I can only say one thing: shooting is interestingShooting is exciting, shooting is a sport! It's so mysteriously looks a woman with a small-caliber, confidently destroying imaginary opponents! Shoot at targets and, I hope that you never have to shoot at someone, protecting your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Be happy!

Watch the video: Woman fights off armed carjackers who point a gun at her. USA TODAY (November 2019).


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