What threatens global warming, or will crocodiles appear in Moscow?

And the air temperature “walks” all over the Earth, as if not knowing where to go. For example, countries like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have experienced almost Siberian cold. At the same time, several winters with abnormally low temperatures (below fifty degrees) occurred in Siberia, and the following winter, the climatic pendulum shifted to a maximum range in the other direction - to temperatures close to zero.

According to one American specialist on global climate change, under the condition of maintaining such rates of warming, as in our days, at the latitude of Moscow in eighty years, conditions will be created that are quite suitable for crocodile living. Now it is even difficult to say whether this comparison was a joke. A couple of years ago, American meteorologists officially recognized the onset of global warming. According to their data, the warming of the Pacific Ocean has led to the emergence of such a phenomenon as “Ermini”, which refers to the change in the circulation of cold and warm currents across the ocean and, as a consequence, the appearance of new, more violent cyclones, storms and hurricanes.

Comparison of salinity and water temperature data for the period from 1930 to 1980 with data from 1985–1994 showed that at depths of up to a kilometer, these figures fall. Such processes, according to researchers, are associated with the dilution of ocean waters with a huge amount of cold waters from the polar regions of the planet. Over time, the redistribution of ocean water temperatures will lead to a change in the main ocean currents, and, consequently, to droughts in the equatorial regions and an increase in precipitation at high latitudes. So it can be expected that a desert will appear in the Amazon River area, and instead of creepers, coconuts, bananas and tropical animals, cacti will grow and camels will walk.

And if the warming continues at the same pace, then in the new century most of the ice on the polar caps of the planet will melt, respectively, the rise in sea level will be measured in tens and even hundreds of meters. Already in 1996, a piece of ice about the size of Rhode Island (USA), that is, about 3000 square kilometers, was detached from the ice shell of Antarctica. Mass melting of ice will lead to the fact that under the water disappear entire territories and countries. Already today, scientists have proved that partial flooding threatens primarily the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, England, Italy and some territories in the Mediterranean basin, a number of coastal countries of the Asian continent, America and Africa.

In particular, the Scandinavian Peninsula may well turn into an island. Approximate calculations show that in the coming decades, mankind will face the difficult question of relocating and accommodating no less than 46 million people in non-submerged territories. There will simply be no other way out, since it is impossible to surround the entire territory of any country with a dam! However, this calculation can be carried out by everyone independently. It is enough to highlight areas on the physical map with altitudes below the level of ocean waters or above it by 10−15 meters, and then, using only the population density map, estimate the number of people living in these regions, only! Thus, another problem that global warming will entail is another world war. It is not difficult to guess that, due to global relocation, the battle for new territories and the establishment of new borders will begin.

Despite the predictions of scientists about the distribution of areas under water, there are also independent experts, such as clairvoyants, psychics and the rest of this "fun company." So, one of the American sorcerers predicted the following to America and Japan: “While the western regions of the United States begin to split, the eastern regions will also undergo significant changes: some parts of New York will go under water, Manhattan will lose about 50 percent of its territory, a third of the coast Maine will be flooded, the main part of Rhode Island will disappear under water, Connecticut will more than half plunge into the ocean, Long Island will disappear completely, Florida will be 50 percent flooded ...

The Midwest will also survive significant cataclysms. The main change will be the transformation of the Great Lakes into one huge continental sea, and the Mississippi will turn into a giant sea channel ... Alaska will lose about 25 percent of its land ... Only four Hawaiian islands will remain inhabited - Kaui, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii. But these four islands will lose about 25 percent of the territory ... Japan will be completely absorbed by the ocean. "That's such a kind of weather forecast for the next millennium. Probably the only plus in this forecast is that nothing about Russia is said there.

In general, global warming will cause global cooling, global relocation, global war and, as a result, “global silence”.

Wait and see…

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