Who drew five thousand crosses, completely different from each other?

The artist was born in Georgia, but always considered Armenia his homeland, relying on the genetic feeling and memory of the family: his ancestors came from Mush and Kars, princes and prominent public figures. Edward has been living in Armenia for over fifty years. In 1977 he graduated from the Art School N 8 jewelry processing. After three years, he worked at a souvenir factory, and from 1986 to 1989 was a metal restorer at the Sardarapat Museum. Since 1998, engaged in miniature painting and at the same time the design of souvenirs. In the same year he had a Phenomenon, after which exclusively religious motives, in particular, crosses, began to prevail in his work.

At the moment, Edward is the author of more than 5,000 miniature crosses, completely different from each other. The largest cross, the meter one, is now in the Congregation of Mkhitarists on St. Lazarus Island in Venice. The works of Edward Khanoyan, marked by several diplomas and letters of thanks, in particular from Katalikos of All Armenians Garegin II and the Ministry of Culture of Armenia, have spread around the world, and now their geography is difficult to trace, however, you can tell where there are Armenians, there will surely be crosses - blessings from Edward Hanooyan. Today, about a thousand works of the master are abroad and adorn the private collections of connoisseurs of his work.

I turned to Edward with a request to tell in more detail about the phenomenon that completely changed the direction in his work, and about the process of working on crosses. Here is what he told me:

- It happened unexpectedly, although, in my opinion, there are no surprises in the world, everything is predetermined. One day, after returning from work and barely crossed the threshold, I heard a voice: “Go out to the balcony and look at the sky!”. Following the command, I went out to the balcony and looked up - in the sky one could see a little white point, like a light feather. At my house there is a collection of binoculars, which I immediately took advantage of, and together with my wife we ​​examined a ball in the sky, similar to a “plate”, which was iridescent with six or seven colors. She slowly moved across the sky for ten minutes and disappeared behind the building. Of course, talking about the "plates" to someone who has not seen this is just insane. But I was not the only one who saw this Phenomenon - I had a wife with me, so, if we talk about insanity, it means that there are two of us who, moreover, have fallen into this state at the same time.

Three days later I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and could not sleep. He got out of bed, took a pen and paper, and began to draw. There was a feeling that someone drove my hand, while I did not see or hear anything. The resulting image was like a flying saucer. Then I drew another thumbnail, then the next, completely without understanding their meaning. Looking at my third abstract work, following the inner voice, I installed a nickel cap from a pen on one point of this drawing and saw something: a clear figure of a woman appeared in the stretched mirror image of the drawing. The solution of the picture, created by a strange influx, just as strange came by itself. Now people are looking for the da Vinci code, I found my code. Elya Hovhannisyan, an astronomer and mathematician, finds in my crosses codes of different galaxies containing information from above that I can already read.

Getting started, I tune in to the positive emotions that I convey to the image. One of the main elements of the work is the sun, radiating warmth and goodness. From practice, I have already noticed that, having begun work, I, by all means, have to finish it, otherwise there are any troubles with me and my relatives, or disasters in the world. But, perhaps, these are just coincidences ... I don’t like to work in the presence of strangers - I constantly feel their bio-currents, which are not always clean. A roll of thin canvas remained with me from the Soviet times ... Now there is no such quality to be found! I work with a pencil, needle and thin brush. I prepare the paints myself - I mix varnish, bronze, watercolor, gaush and other components and add one chemical substance ... What I won’t say! This I keep in secret. There must be a secret from the artist! I paint mostly on canvas, but once started with paper. Now on paper I am sketching for jewelry that our masters use in their works.

Often I give crosses to those people who really need this cross. There were cases, I walk down the street and suddenly I hear a voice that I have to go to this store and give the seller a cross. I give Of course, some people in this gift saw madness, and then ... told about miracles taking place in their lives. So, in one married couple there were no ten years old children, and they no longer dreamed of such happiness. As a birthday present, I presented my creation to the woman, and after a while she became pregnant with twins. I give crosses to the sick and the weak, so that they can more easily cope with the illness.

Of course, it’s necessary to live on something, I sell works for sale at the small Vernissage, but sometimes not a single painting is sold for a month or two, although their price is not that high. And it happens that some visiting Armenian buys several pieces at once and takes them over the seas and oceans. Often, I am accused of my "commercial activities" - they say, draw from God and try to sell! To which I reply that when a person comes to church, he buys a candle, a prayer book or a cross for the holy rite, so why can't I sell at least a small part of my work? Despite the fact that my hand at the time of writing the paintings leads someone over, but to translate all this into life, quite earthly materials are required - canvases, paints, frames, brushes, etc.

To my last question - is there a place on Earth that he would call holy for himself, Edward proudly replied: “There is! And this is Armenia! In what other country are so many holy places concentrated? ”.

Our meeting was not accidental: Edward Hanoan’s friend - poet, translator, Serbian and Serbian consul Babken Simonyan showed the artist an interview I did with the latter not so long ago. Edward said: "I want to give this girl a cross!". Which he did at parting. Surprisingly, in the image I saw my favorite colors and thin lines repeating my silhouette. Probably, I need this cross, since the Voice, heard by Edward Hanoan, pointed to me ...

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