What is indian massage? Report from the shores of the Indian Ocean

The art of massage was originally described in the Dhanur Veda treatises on Indian martial arts, which outlined the main ways of influencing the body to restore its performance.

Ayurvedic massage, in contrast to the general massage, differs in that it is performed with a large amount of oil. Therefore, by the end of the massage you feel like an oiled pancake. The oil used here is special, and for each part of the body its own. For the head, for example, amla oil (a type of gooseberry) or coconut oil is used, which has a light and slightly cooling effect. For the body, they use a more “heavy” type of sesame, but it is not applicable to obese people.

Theme of Ayurvedic massage worried me for a long time. Six or seven years ago I began to be interested in this amazing technique, but I began to study closely only two years ago. And now, on this trip to Gokarna, I had a unique opportunity not only to get acquainted, but also to thoroughly learn all the secrets of massage with the help of Dr. Mahesh, he has been going through several generations. Strange as it may seem, there are few real specialists in India and they are trained in Kerala, where Dr. Mahesh was born, where he took over the profession from his father. And the main thing here is not only training at a state institute that lasts 5–6 years, but also the knowledge and skills that are passed on from father to son for generations.

You would only know what a pleasure it is - an Ayurvedic massage ... At first you sit, and the skillful fingers of a small Indian massage therapist knead and massage the muscles and scalp. The feeling is as if you gently knead and stroke your brains. And you immediately fall into a pleasant downtrend, deep relaxation comes.

Then the massage therapist (or masseuse) with a quiet exclamation “How are you, sir (lady)” invites you to rest on the couch, where the whole body massage is already being performed. With confident, but gentle hand movements, he massages along the energy channels, dispersing blood through the vessels. A pleasant and permanent effect on the skin and muscles produces a stunning effect - the nerves “smoothed out” by the massage therapist calm down, and the body is poured with elasticity and strength.

The massage continues for 1–1.5 hours and ends with a cooling face massage. After that, a very desirable rest for half an hour. For many, the massage is simply “knocked out”, and they remain lying on the couch, immersed in a blissful state of relaxation. Therefore, the goal of Ayurvedic massage is not only to heal the body, but also to calm the mind. After all, it is in our mind that there are roots of tension and the seeds of disease. By removing these tensions and banishing the beginnings of indisposition, massage helps the body recover on its own.

The secret of this effect is that the hands of a massage therapist affect not only the muscles, ligaments, bones and joints. During the entire massage, an impact on the active biological points occurs - marma, which are formed at the intersection of vessels, nerves, ligaments. On the other hand, marmas are associated with a thin body, with energy channels - nadis. So, these points are peculiar elevators connecting all human bodies - from the densest to the thinnest.

In its effects, Ayurvedic massage can be equated to visiting several specialists: a massage therapist, a psychotherapist, a fitness trainer ... And now I had the opportunity to master this secret art under the guidance of an experienced teacher. There were already not muffled videos from the Internet or study from books with courses on the so-called "Vedic massage practices." This was a real “plowing”, where Dr. Mahesh, instead of the affable director of the Ayurvedic Center, became a demanding teacher.

Dozens, hundreds of movements had to be repeated until the desired effect was obtained. Again and again, the direction and force of pressure were worked out, marmas were remembered. The teacher was relentless: until the desired result was obtained, we did not move further. Some points had to be strongly influenced, up to elbow pressure, others were forbidden even to touch. It was necessary to learn a few dozen ways to influence the body: stroking, shaking, shifting, snake, pressing, pressing with a twist, etc., and so on.

Each lesson began with a repetition of the previous lesson. For example, if on Monday we underwent a head massage while sitting, then on Tuesday I started with a head massage. On Tuesday, my back was held, and on Wednesday I started the lesson with a head and back massage. And so on. So in two weeks the whole lesson took 3-4 hours, and then manual recordings were made (this is such a tradition of learning), although I duplicated the whole learning process on a video camera.

The “working model” for my massage was my son, who at the end of my training was no less exhausted than me. After all, any massage is a powerful effect on all structures of the body, and Ayurvedic massage surpasses the effect of ordinary massage at times.

Therefore, Dr. Mahesh gave me a “help” to one of the employees, so that I could at least practice on her head massage on her. On the one hand, it reduced the load on my son, and on the other, I learned to do massage for women, because there are some peculiarities.

For example, long hair in women prevent long stroking from the forehead to the shoulders, but they provide an opportunity to influence the entire surface of the scalp by traction of the hair up by hand.

God, I was afraid for the first time to even approach this Indian girl, who at the age of 23 looked 17, and she was as tall as my armpit. When I picked up her head, it was a little larger than a grapefruit. And this fragile creature I had to "rub, move, slap and even tap." I was blown not by a quiet, but a very loud panic. To which Mahesh said, so that I would not worry - she was hardy, and so that I would do what I had to do.

In general, I myself was surprised how these little Kerala people, who look something like children, perform such complex, strong and many-hour massages. After all, their working day often lasts 14–18 hours, especially in high season.

And so I proceeded to massage the head of a small kerak. The feeling was as if you were massaging a child (he remembered how he massaged his children). What struck me was the quality of this girl's hair. Here is the hair! During the exercise, when it was necessary to pull all the hair up, holding it in a fist, she showed me to pull it harder, and I was afraid that I would just tear off her head. But she and the doctor only laughed and rattled something in her bird language Kerala.

After a few days of training, I still overcame my constraint and tried to perform the entire sequence, as my teacher taught me. This time the Indian suddenly in the middle of the massage said that she was falling asleep, and I understood, and Makhesh confirmed that I did everything right.

At the final exam, I will have to do everything correctly and without prompting for two hours. And I will do massage as true vaidya, which transmits not only physical impact, but also my energy and love. And only such a massage can heal and rejuvenate not only the body, but also the soul. A healthy soul and body healthy.

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