How to take part in the All-Russian Spring Week good?

In the last years of the existence of the Soviet Union, only lazy did not ironic about the length of the log, which party functionaries of all ranks, regardless of age, helped the leader to carry.

Subbotniks were official and tightly regulated events. Everyone without exception participated in them, and those who shirked were punished with a ruble and public censure.

Official "volunteers" no longer sweep the streets, but the need of society for voluntary work remained. Spiteful critics do not get tired of repeating that heroes and volunteers are needed only where managers cannot cope with their duties.

Maybe it is, but does it really make it easier for a lonely sick old man to realize that all his troubles are due to the fact that someone somewhere has not finished something? Volunteers do good deeds and help those who are here and now in a difficult position, not waiting for politicians to come to their senses, officials move, or punish those responsible.

Spring week goodness - an informal event. It is usually held on the third or fourth week of April. The GNI page in one of the social networks reports that in 2017, for the 20th year in a row, the week started on April 16th.

However, in different regions of Russia, volunteers themselves decide when to start the annual marathon of good deeds. For example, in Omsk, the Good Week opens on April 22. Its beginning was timed to the International Earth Day.

To take part in the spring week of good, do not wait for official invitations. Good deeds are done by the dictates of the soul, but not by orders and not by appeals.

Do not invent great projects. The value of kindness is not to scale, but in readiness and ability to show it daily and constantly.

Where to begin? With the simplest good deeds:

  • Call your parents. They are waiting even when the relationship is “not established”.
  • Play with the kids. Children's joy is the kindest thing.
  • Clean up your yard or porch. Yes, the management company is “paid for everything,” and its leaders should have long been brought to justice for negligence. But today in the yard is dirty. Isn't that a reason to tidy up?
  • Plant flowers under the windows or on the balcony. They will delight their neighbors the whole summer. Smiles are worth it to work.
  • Help elderly lonely neighbors. They are grumbling and angry, they have children who have forgotten about them. But today they need help.
  • Feed the birds, help homeless animals. Our smaller brothers are defenseless in the face of man, but they are the same owners of the planet as humans.
  • Donate blood. Donors save millions of people. What could be more noble?
  • Share books and clothes with the needy. Life circumstances were not good for them. Perhaps they themselves are to blame for something. Do not judge them, just do a good deed.

Choose a good deal to your liking. Be better!

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