How to equip the bedroom? (Glance of the wise Chinese)

If we talk about the Chinese tradition of feng shui, then knowledge of feng shui is not only a system of ideas about how our life and its environment should be arranged, it is a whole outlook. To appreciate the beauty, you just need to have a taste. And taste does not deceive us when we admire seeing feng shui in action. The harmony that we introduce into our habitat turns into harmony in our whole life.

Feng shui emphasizes the bedroom, which is the second most important after the kitchen. I think that is very important when the bedroom evokes a sense of security and comfort.
The bedroom in the house should be located as far as possible from the entrance door. Just as important is the position of the door to it. It is undesirable if the bedroom door is located opposite the entrance door, such an arrangement of the door among the inhabitants of the bedroom can cause a feeling of subconscious anxiety and alarm. It is also not recommended the location of the doors of the toilet and bedroom against each other.

Of course, the important role is played by the position of the bed in the bedroom, it is not recommended to put the bed in the middle of the room, without contact with the wall, in this case there will be no support from the side. You can never put the bed in front of the door, and even more so to put so that her legs were facing the door. Such an arrangement in China is considered deplorable.

From a Feng Shui position, exposed ceiling beams, which are a source of negative energy, play a negative role. The impact of a beam may have a negative effect on human health and success.
You can avoid the negative impact of ceiling beams by applying bamboo tubes, hanging them to beams. The ideal solution is suspended ceilings.

Feng Shui warns against the rash use of a mirror in the bedroom. It is beautiful in any other room, but not in the bedroom. A sleeping person should not be reflected in the mirror; such a position of the mirror leads to quarrels and disagreements between the inhabitants of the bedroom.

It would be good, waking up in the morning, to see something good for you, favorite things and objects that evoke positive emotions or memories.
The sun rays and light from the street should come to the bedroom without obstacles, but you should remember the undesirability of direct sunlight on the bed, in this case thick curtains - the solution to your problems.

In Feng Shui there is also a special table (it can be made individually, for this you need to contact me by E-mail), which determines the most effective direction (side of the world) for sleeping, it is individual for each person.

Plays an important role in the state of the bed itself. Inside the bed, where bedding, pillows and a blanket should be stored, it is strictly forbidden to keep different books, unnecessary things that are not related to rest and sleep in the bedroom. And also under the bed should not interfere with the flow of positive qi energy, and there should not be foreign objects, dust and dirt. It is not recommended to put a bed just under the windows, even from the position of common sense - this is fraught with colds.

A double bed must have a single mattress, otherwise there may be disagreement between the spouses. The color of the wallpaper or the color of the walls, preferably, should match the color of your item.

The position of feng shui in relation to the colors in the bedroom is negative, if you want to have them in the bedroom, you can arrange them on the windowsill, and during sleep, the curtains still twitch.

And, in the end, our healthy sleep depends on our lifestyle, our values, our aspirations in life and our own consciousness. If we understand this well and strive for the best in life and want to improve, then our whole life, including sleep, will be full of strength and health.

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