Signs of fate: help or ridicule?

For example, the meaning of a dream in which we see the “apple”: in the dream book, Wangi is a symbol of reward, in the Small dream book — false friends, in the esoteric — good health, in Azar’s dream book — betrayal in the family. Well, how to react to it? If a dream is to get information from the universe, so why is reading this information so controversial? We can not always answer important questions for us. Again rely on signs?

Even in psychology, there is such a term - “meeting unpleasant people.” This is when we constantly meet unbearable people. We always come across louts, from the statements of which we suffer. It is written in smart psychological books: "This means that you lack courage, you need to learn to argue, to defend your principles." And if before you, to put it mildly, is not a sober person at all? Keep arguing? That's it: funny!

One could argue: we must listen more attentively to other signs of fate. Good!

There was a lot of information in the press that the Costa Concordia liner that sank in January 2012 was saved by the granddaughter of a woman who escaped from the Titanic, who sank 100 years ago. So, knowing this information about your grandmother, Valentina Kapuano, you never even had to come close to any liner. But she was saved! Or does it mean that if a grandmother survived a catastrophe, then her granddaughter is not in danger?

How to read these signs correctly? Need to pay attention to any little thing! Let's say ...

The Costa Concordia liner was launched in 2006 and traditionally smashed a bottle of champagne on board the ship, but it did not break. This is considered to be a very bad sign - misfortune will happen to the liner. So, following this sign, the liner worth 500 million euros would have to be immediately destroyed? Yes, a person who would suggest it would be considered crazy! And they would say that you just need to choose the crew more carefully. Right. But other passengers who escaped from the Costa Concordia liner said that shortly before the shipwreck, the restaurant sounded the soundtrack from the Titanic movie ...

Now, knowing this sign of fate, having heard this melody, should everyone run headlong out of the malls, stop cars, trains, airplanes? So the worldwide chaos is just around the corner.

“Fate always warns of danger, but we usually do not notice its signals,” the phrase is very beautiful, but incorrect. In the 21st century, with such powerful development of esotericism and parapsychology, everyone is trying to develop intuitive abilities in themselves that are simply necessary in the modern world, where you can only rely on yourself. Therefore, many feel the approach of danger and trouble, but can not disobey the order of a superior person, for example. After all, to say to the boss: “I can't go on a business trip, because I have a bad feeling about myself” means to sign off on dismissal with horrible recommendations.

So, maybe, to create not a dream book, not a manual, how to recognize signs of fate, but instructions, how to explain these signs to your bosses so that you will not be dismissed and not considered sick?

As psychics predict, the consciousness of people will soon reach a new, more developed intuitive level. Then it will not be necessary to explain anything to anyone.

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