How, buying a lap-dog, not to grow a wolfhound? Tips for choosing a puppy

Unfortunately, dog sellers, even professionals, can fool you. For example, they sold my friend a dog and a half a month and honestly said that the animal is a half-breed of a Japanese husky, and that the adult dog will be slightly smaller than my mother (father, they said, was a petite one). "Dog Dog" was already half a year larger than a shepherd, and now he is a cross between a Caucasian and a wolfhound, doesn't bother to jump over fences - he just knocks them down when he runs somewhere. The owners adore him, but still, with laughter, they often recall the notorious "a little bit less Japanese husky."

How to protect yourself from such an incident and get exactly the breed that you buy? Choose the "right" puppy - our task.

1. Place of purchase. Any "flea markets" is not the place where you can buy a pedigree puppy! Owners of a purebred dog will never carry purebred offspring to sell on the street. If you see that someone sells puppies and with foaming at the mouth convinces you that they are one hundred percent purebred huskies (Pekingese, Riesen-Schnauzer, etc.), then why doesn't he sell them through the club? Of the hundred such “honest” implementers, ninety-nine are trying to deceive you at best, and the puppies are certainly not to blame, they are so cute and terribly similar to exactly what you would like to have. But alas, they must be mixed with some Bobby from a nearby landfill ...

It is logical from the above that the best place to buy a person's purebred friend is the club. And not just a club, but long existing, with a good reputation. The ideal option would be if you personally know those who are members of this club for many years and bought a dog there.

The club not only will not deceive you. Employees of this institution will tell you whether breed, about which you dream, precisely for you, can unobtrusively correct your choice. I know a case when a man came to buy a sheepdog, and at the club they were able to convince him that for specific reasons he shouldn’t buy this breed, as a result he bought a Cocker Spaniel and now he doesn’t even know that he wouldn’t have Dozzy!

The club sells puppies with documents already prepared and with pedigree. Of course, it is worth the money, club puppies are much more expensive than “hands on”, but it's worth it.

The club usually does the initial vaccinations, they will already be entered in the passport puppy when you get it and all the documents. You will be spared from going to the vet, and of course, the cost of these vaccinations will already be included in the amount you paid.

2. For some reason you buy a dog not at the club, but with it. The best purchase option is if the sellers are your long-time acquaintances or neighbors. It is wonderful if you know that the parents of your future purchase are really thoroughbred, they are regularly taken to exhibitions and there they receive certificates and prizes. In this case, too, of course, there is a risk of becoming the owner of a half-breed, but it is minimal. It would not be embarrassing or shameful to once again ask to show mom's documents (and dads too!), Carefully study them. And demand that the puppy be given to you with a complete set of documents, that is, you and the puppy should be given the same thing as in paragraph 1 - a pedigree, a passport (very preferably with vaccinations). Regarding vaccinations - you can agree that you will do them, but I must say that the first vaccine should still be done by the sellers, and besides, you will go to the doctor and then finish the first set.

3. The issue price. For example, you buy a puppy on an ad. It is very important to find out the real price of a particular breed and immediately dismiss the ads where puppies are unrealistically cheap. The breed costs money, and if the price is much lower than the club one, the “dog rummaged” is clearly there. Do not think that the one who sells puppies is an altruist, he just wants to get rid of unplanned offspring quickly. Of course, for a high price they can offer you not what you want, but then point 1 comes to our aid again: fine, if the parents of the puppy being bought are club.

4. You have already phoned to the seller, agreed that you will come to choose a puppy. Take a specialist with you! This may be a friend who (you know) is well versed in dogs, even better - in this breed. And best of all - do not spare the money and pay a joint visit with a professional veterinarian. He will examine the puppy, confirm (or refute) the purity of the breed. The veterinarian will be able to identify the flaws in the dog, which you - as an amateur - will not notice. This may be, for example, abnormal bite, hernia, rudimentary fingers on hind legs. Your puppy will not die of anything of this, but they will not let you go to the exhibitions beyond the yard with such a set. The seller may be silent about it unknowingly or on purpose, and a good vet will notice.

Finally, your dream came true, and you proudly take your purchase to the first walk. They look at you and your dog with admiration (some - with envy). God grant that your four-legged friend has lived a long and happy life, it is now in your hands. And if you are unknowingly still a little bit wrong and your dog was not purebred - do not worry! No cups and certificates, no money from the sale of puppies can not be put on one side of the scale with disinterested and pure love that your four-legged friend will undoubtedly give you. Love - it does not require documents, the dog will not love you less if you are not an English lord?

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