Author newbie. How to overcome writing stupor? Reception "Quicklisting"

The classic reception option is three simple steps and five conditions.


1) select a topic (you can use the Piggy exercises);
2) set the timer (to start at five minutes. The timer is in most mobile phones);
3) write without stopping until time runs out. If you do not know what to write, just write: "I do not know what to write about." (Wed N. Gogol’s advice to V. Sollogub: “Write, make it a rule for yourself to sit at the desk at least two hours a day and force yourself to write.” - “But what to do if it isn’t written?” - “Nothing , take a pen and write: today something is not being written to me, today something is not being written to me, today something is not being written to me, and so on; finally I get tired and write. ”)

Conditions. During the letter you should not:

· Ponder, filter ideas, “collect thoughts”;
· Edit sentences;
· correct mistakes;
· Return to the written;
· Cross out something.

Why such severity? The fact is that both hemispheres of the brain - Right (creative) and Left (responsible for logic) - are responsible for writing. Writing stupor arises because the Left - our internal censor and editor - is trying to control the creative process. Another thought did not really take shape, and Left already estimates: “Oh, mistake! Oh, not that! ”We need to somehow outwit, get around premature custody - later, having written some kind of text, we will definitely use the services of the Left, but not now, when we need to create. In other words, when starting to write quickly, we “turn off” Left, and God bless them, with ambiguities, lapses, inaccuracies - then, then fix, supplement, shorten, clarify.

And again - how not to recall the advice of N. V Gogol: “First you need to sketch everything as it should, at least badly, watery, but absolutely everything ...”.

Time is over; look what happened. Of course, something is no good - we delete it, but there’s nothing thought, just brush it slightly; it will not work, but let it remain. In a few minutes the draft article is ready - if you wrote the article, of course.

These are the steps and conditions of the classic version of "Quick Writing". Now in your arsenal there are two powerful tools to start writing when not being written. I also like to combine the first tool, the Bubbles method, with the “Quickness” technique: I throw in a mental map and - I got the timer, the pen in my hands - I went to scribble without stopping on the intended points!

Well, whatever reception you use, the minute comes when the text is written. If this is an article, maybe it’s time to post it on the editorial board of the School of Life or send it to other magazines? Read the answer here.

See you!

Reception "Quicklisting" may not suit everyone. In this case, I advise you to try the opposite method - "Leisurely letter."

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