How does a modern student live?

First, you can join various student unions. For example, in a student trade union or in a student labor force. What privileges can you get?

Joining in student trade union, you can feel like behind a stone wall. No wonder, after all, the trade union committee protects the interests of students, without its consent, they cannot deduct you (the exception is academic failure), withdraw from a scholarship or be evicted from a hostel. You can also receive information about holding discos, parties, concerts, conferences, etc., and receive tickets with discounts. By the way, here you can also get trips to a sanatorium at incredibly low prices. And in general, the trade union committee is a place where you can turn with your complaints, questions and suggestions.

Some student groups can help with job search. For example, you can join the ranks student labor force. You are offered an individual work schedule and a large selection of vacancies. You can get a supermarket cashier, staff or handyman. Also, the labor squad offers work in the field of marketing, service, work in a warehouse or production, courier delivery. Such experience will give you initial knowledge about the world of professions, allow you to try your hand and discover your potential. And during the summer holidays you can join student labor pedagogical detachment. Working with children in health camps develops responsibility, leadership and a positive attitude towards life.

Secondly, many cafes, pharmacies, cinemas and other institutions provide students discounts on their products. For example, once, quite by chance, I was told at a Krasnodar cinema at the box office that a student could buy a ticket at half price. Now I use this privilege with great joy. And some pharmacies offer drugs with 5% or 10% discounts! Society cares about the financial well-being of students.

“A student in the canteen orders:

- Two sausages, please ...

There are voices in the queue:

- Oh, bling!

- ... and sixteen forks, the student adds. "

Thirdly, universities and institutes conduct interesting cultural events: dedication of first-year students to students, an international festival of student groups, faculty day, etc. These events take place both within the walls of the university itself, and clubs, restaurants or sports complexes are specially filmed.

Fourth, universities are created various mugs, classes which are free. For example, choir, ensemble, KVN, dance, theater, playing the guitar, fitness and other activities. This creates tremendous opportunities for the manifestation of your talent and the discovery of creative potential. The same KVN develops creative thinking and allows you to acquire a large number of friends, reveal acting skills and become self-confident. Universities are most often equipped with assembly halls and premises for the work of student creative teams.

Fifth, while you are at university, you have plenty of free time for communication (if you do not work, but for now you have the right to fool around). Therefore, you can sit half-day "in contact", in "Classmates" or in any other social network. You can also go to a cafe, go to nature, or just carelessly walk around the city in good weather.

Sixth, there are various conferenceson which students can display their talents. After winning the conference, you can receive a monetary reward and publication of your work in a scientific collection. In addition, there are scientific student communities. They are designed to activate the professional capabilities of young scientists, to unite their efforts to develop actual problems and solve scientific problems.

Seventh, something else about learning. The university reigns awesome session atmosphere (although you understand this, having already graduated from high school). When a student takes exams, then he manifests unprecedented creative ability and ingenuity. The brain is torn from various ideas about how to pass a successful session without much effort. You can also learn interesting information from undergraduates who can happily report on legends and bikes related to certain teachers. Particularly valuable will be information about who is allowed to write off from spurs, and who immediately expels from the exam, who is a strict teacher, etc.

“Excuses for the session (with translation):

1. I am not sure (I do not know).

2. I can not remember offhand (I do not know).

3. Yesterday my sister had a wedding (I do not know anything).

4. Obviously (I do not know the conclusion).

5. Based on the foregoing (this has nothing to do with this).

6. That was not in the lectures (I do not go to lectures).

7. The semester was very busy (yesterday, the desire to look into the material never appeared).

8. I also work (I want a test for free).

9. There was not enough time for preparation (the freebie did not pass).

10. I need time to concentrate (damn! What to do?).

11. We need to think (pull time ...).

12. MMMM ... (I propose to score this question). "

Eighth, scholarship. Students who have passed the session on the "good" and "excellent", are charged state academic scholarship. By the way, you can still get additional bonuses for scholarships if you actively participate in the scientific and public life of the university, publish or have achievements in other areas of his life. And for first-year students, even before the session, they receive a minimum scholarship as an incentive prize for admission.

In addition to academic scholarships, students can receive social scholarships, as well as nominal ones (scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, the Governor of the Territory or Region and others). Students who have a difficult financial situation also receive a one-time social benefit.

Ninth, students come up original ways to invoke freebiesthat also promotes student solidarity and develops creative thinking. How many interesting signs there are and effective ways to invoke good luck for the exam!

The most common method is such a ritual: get out of the window at exactly midnight and, waving a record book, to call for a freebie. Then the record book should be closed and not opened until the exam itself.

You can also not wash, not cut, not shave, walk in the same clothes for the whole session. Or you can put notes and textbooks under your pillow and sleep on them so that knowledge will seep into your head. You can also force your friends and relatives to scold yourself on the day of the exam.

Tenth, being a student is just great! It is possible in addition to study their hobbies to do! And when else will you have such a long summer vacation? Enjoy!

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