What is our life? ...

For the idea

We live without thinking. Chew without thinking. Well, it's about the meaning of life. Or even about health. If only more. In reserve. Suddenly, tomorrow that with the dollar. Or what a cataclysm. All the time in suspense. The social structure of such. They chose themselves. And do not turn. We are like that. If that is conceived - then to the bitter end. Either so all over the world, or "We have fallen victim." The song is like that. Our grandfathers sang. When the revolution was done. That's how we live. As if this revolution is still going on. Although not everyone already remembers what it is. And the young do not know. That's how we live. We do not live, but we fight. And we work, not for money - for the idea. Ie free of charge. As grandfathers bequeathed. So that they live. And we will bequeath to our grandchildren too. Wow something. Nothing more.

It is necessary to eat less

Our chosen ones, in congress, are climbing out of their skin. Like a fish on the ice fight. They take care of us. Everyone thinks how to make life richer. Well, there is a subsoil to quickly pump out and sell for a hill, for a currency, of course. So that these oligarchs could buy more land from them, over the hill. So that our Russia grows. And we all complain about life. For salary. All is not enough for us. It is necessary to eat less. About the soul more. Like aegi. More and more water. From the creek. Four faceted per day. And even in general: a closed loop. That is, instead of water - his own urine. Environmentally friendly. And they feel great. And do not fuss, that is, in one place. And do not move. And with the eyes inward, that is, peering into oneself: is everything there in order. All day. And from time to time, in general: they burrow into the ground, not deep, about a meter and a half. To dig up it was possible. And on top of the plank. As usual. With last name and date. So as not to forget when to dig. And rest there. As in a sanatorium. Peace and quiet. In full contact with the other world. The whole week. And even two. And no feed. One karma. From the earth. And from the sky too. Biocenosis is called. And the intestines are clean, absolutely. And thoughts too. Like a newborn. And no diseases, and AIDS too. Imagine if we are all like this: everyone is on his own rug, in the pose of the lotus, with his eyes inward, that is, in himself, with his thoughts there, in the depths of the universe. As the economy unload. One bakery in the whole city. For administration. Transportation is not needed. Where to go, if everything is in place? Power plants - just to illuminate themselves. Army - dissolve. Anyway, no one will lift the carbine. And what to protect, if no one else - nothing. And no problems, political. Yes, and others too. A solid buzz, i.e., nirvana in their way, in the east. And the main thing is simple. No revolutions. They all sat on the floor. Concentrated. On the tip of the nose. And a week later there. Only a week and hold out. Well, from strength - two. Further easier. Already no desires and temptations. Silence. And peace. Eternal.
Should we try? Right now. Not? Not matured yet? Well, from Monday. Noticed.

Watch the video: Sir Walter Raleigh Two Poems "What Is Our Life" & "Even such is time" Poem animation (December 2019).


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