How to guess on Kolyada? Part 4. Dolls, ashes and sewing needles

For with the things under the bed the girl secretly puts everyone on a tray of two dolls - female and male (boy and girl), a lock or key, a purse with money, medicinal plants and sand. The tray hides under the bed, the girl goes to bed without talking to anyone. In the morning, barely waking up, she had to put her hand in her “cache” and touch the contents. What will come to hand will determine fate.

Doll boy - for the wedding. Girl - with the wedding will have to wait a little. A purse, of course, for money, a lock or key foretells economic troubles, plants promise health, and sand a grave.

Vorozhba on shoes urged to indicate the direction from which to wait for the matchmakers. To do this, from the yard to the street you need to throw a boot, shoes or a shoe. Where the shoe sock will look - from there and wait for the matchmakers. If the sock points to the hostess, then you should not wait, it's too early.

Another simple and cheerful divination - "Go or sit". Those who want to find out if they are destined to get married should knock at a random window at night and ask: “Go or sit?” The answer depends entirely on the mood of the inhabitants of the house. “To go” means to go down the aisle, “to sit” means to sit in girls for a long time. The "popular" answer today: "Yes, you went ..." can be considered as a positive omen.

The wealth of the groom will reliably predict the ash. For ashes for ashes it should be dispelled on the path, saying: “A rich man is judged, stand with a boot, a poor man is married, step with a bast”. It remains only to consider the traces every other day and draw the appropriate conclusions. And do not tell anyone about your fortunetelling. Otherwise, in the morning, be sure to see traces of bast shoes, despite the fact that no one wears them for a long time.

Ash is also needed for divination with hair. For fortune telling, throw a pinch of ash, sugar and salt into a bowl of water. All diligently stir and throw on the surface two hairs - your own and potential groom.

If by the morning they intertwine with each other - to be a quick wedding. If they remain on the surface at a distance from one another - separation is close. Sunk hair warns of illness.

A saucer with water is also required for divination with needles. Needles should be exactly 21, and only those that have not yet been sewn will do. They are placed on a dish and filled with water. A jet of water mixes the needles, the resulting picture is a reason for reflection. Crosses are detractors and hostile forces that will be faced in the near future.

A needle with a silk thread in the ear, along with a silver coin is another version of the divination that can give a simple answer to any question. For fortune telling, sit at the table and place a coin in front of you. Putting your elbows on the surface of the table, take the tip of the thread with your fingers so that the needle sways over the coin like a pendulum.

Direct the tip to the center of the coin and mentally ask a question. If the “pendulum” remains without movement, magic cannot yet help. Fluctuations in the longitudinal direction mean a positive response. In the cross - negative. Circular movements suggest that the question is unclear and needs to be clarified.

Vorozhba - an ancient pagan Slavic tradition. How true are the predictions? I do not know. If anyone is interested - try it yourself.

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