What you need to know when buying handmade carpet?

Having an idea of ​​handmade carpets and given a few tips listed here, I am sure that it will be easier for you to choose and the result will please you in the future.

Whoever bought a valuable thing at least once, will understand me, not only the appearance of the room, but also the further mood of the owner depends on the right choice.
The choice of carpet depends on its functionality and interior design.

Therefore, we briefly consider what kind of carpet there are and what they are used for.

First of all, according to the method of manufacturing, carpets are divided into three large groups.

1. Woven carpets - nap. They are made by fastening the yarn on a fabric basis by weaving knots.
2. Woven carpets consist of two intersecting systems of threads and do not have a pile. They are made in the form of textiles.
3. Felted or felt carpets insulate heat well, but are extremely rare on the European market.
4. Combined woven carpets can be made of a single-level pile (flat surface) and pile of different heights (embossed surface). In the latter case, the coating has a special decorative effect. The texture of the carpet with a multi-colored relief surface is well emphasized.

Secondly, lint-free carpets are practical because they are easy to clean and there are no traces of furniture on them. The durability of woven carpets is greatly influenced by the type of pile - split or loopback. The first is easier to clean, the second is more durable. Wicker carpets often serve as flooring and woven to decorate walls. The range of carpet products specifically designed for the floor is much wider than the range of wall carpets.

Thirdly, when choosing a floor carpet, you must consider:
design and compatibility with other elements of the room;
height and density of pile;
the origin of the fiber (natural or synthetic) and its quality;
purpose and design features of the room.

The colors of the carpet and the furnishings do not have to be the same. However, if you choose a carpet of a complex shade, then most likely you need to purchase curtains and upholstery fabric of the same tone or the most appropriate shade.

Keep in mind that color perception is changeable and largely depends on the lighting and colors of surrounding objects. That is why some shops offer such a service as pre-laying the carpet in the interior of the customer (if there is such a service, use it, it is easier to choose a suitable carpet). Choosing the shade of the carpet, it is necessary to take into account the fact that, depending on the color, the size of the room visually changes: light colors visually increase the space, dark colors reduce it.

The quality and wear resistance of the product depend on the height of the pile and the material from which the carpet is made. These characteristics are especially important for the carpet in the hallway, where the coating wears out faster than in other rooms. Here it is best to lay a carpet with a short pile of high density.

Carpets designed for stairs should also be durable. Optimal flooring for steps is a carpet with a dense short pile, since it is less abraded on bends than with a rare and long pile.

In the living room, the most acceptable is a covering with a dense pile of medium size, both split and loop. It can be single or multilevel. Such restrictions are due to the fact that in the living room the coating wears out faster than in other rooms.

For the bedroom are suitable cover with a high split pile of small density. They are pleasant to the touch and make the room cozy.

The choice of carpet for the nursery depends on the age of the child. So, in the room for children under five years of age, hard coverings and carpets with high pile are unacceptable. The best option is a soft nap of medium height and density.

In the fourth, for what so highly appreciated handmade carpets?
First of all, for the high quality of their manufacture and the use of only natural materials. Therefore, choosing a handmade carpet, pay attention to such details.
The symmetry of the pattern should be perfect. One small secret to the four coal carpet - measure the length of the diagonals of the carpet, the length should be the same, but if not - this is a sign of poor quality work. Look at the wrong side of the carpet. If the carpet has defects, the wrong side of the carpet will show you all of them, but this does not mean that there should be no knots on the wrong side. Everything has its own measure.

And further:
Many serious salons provide a service such as custom-tailored carpet making. Drawing can be any: from geometrical to the image from a photo. The price includes the cost of the material and 10% of this cost, which go to pay for graphic works. More often the order of a carpet of handwork in many respects is justified and expedient, than search of ready. And for the price differs slightly.

Shops selling and displaying carpets offer a wide range of additional services. It gives ample opportunities at registration of an interior.

Good luck with your choice.

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