What TV series to watch since September? Dilettante, Moonlight Distorted by Clouds and Mercenary Quarry

"Amateur", Russia

Russian TV reporters offer in September to the attention of lovers of detective genre a new mini-series “Amateur”, which was released on September 4 on the TVC channel.

This is the work of director Yuri Popovich, who worked on the continuation of the famous “Capercaillie” and the mystical “Fifth Guard”, as written by Henrykh Mamoyev, the author of such projects as the last two parts of Antisniper and the series “Pasechnik”

In the new series, they tell the story of a young and promising programmer Denis, who, trying to help investigator Kira Solomina to find her missing father, at first terribly annoys a strict woman inclined to skepticism towards frivolous Denis. But after his type of thinking and all sorts of tips and suggestions, not devoid of common sense, they become all the more useful and interesting for her.

These two completely different people begin to work together, gradually becoming closer and clearer to each other. Gradually a feeling arises between them, and the melodramatic motive comes to the fore in the series.

Darya Moroz starred in the film “House of the Sun” and the TV series “Apostle”, “The Death of the Empire” and many others.

Her partner in the frame was Anton Feoktistov, we saw him in the TV series “Vanghelia” and “The Institute of Noble Maidens”. He played the very amateur in the investigation of the programmer Denis, who, not trusting the professionalism of the heroine Darya Moroz, begins his own investigation.

Interestingly, all the tricks that were necessary in the plot of the series were performed by the actors themselves. During the filming of the filming team had to go through a lot of tense moments, and once even a real emergency happened: a fire broke out on the site, which, fortunately, was quickly extinguished. It happened during the filming of the fire prescribed in the script, and therefore as a result the only but very realistic double entered the series.

Mini-series "Amateur" - it is a very good-quality work of true professionals, and therefore we recommend for viewing.

“Moonlight distorted by clouds” (“Gooreumi geurin dalbit”), South Korea

The true furore in September produced a drama from the South Korean channel KBS2 “Love in the Moonlight” (still known in the Runet translation options - “Moonlight drawn by clouds” or “Moonlight drawn by (distorted) clouds”). This premiere was expected like no other, because all Korean Koreans who appeared in the hit project “Answer Me, 1988” should have returned to the screens.

The main role was played by the handsome man Pak Bo Gom - one of the brightest representatives of the "New Generation of Korean Wave Stars". The project “Answer me, 1988” made him a mega-star and winner of many awards, including “Style Icon”, “Rising Star”, “Best International Artist” and “Best Debut”.

The actor has so many fans in all countries of the world that he could surpass any idol. During the filming of the series, the fan club Pak Bo Goma gave him and his colleagues on the set a truly royal gift - a whole van with soft drinks and snacks. True, the actor did not remain in debt and made his fans exactly the same gift at a drama press conference.

His partner in the frame was the most popular of the young actresses of South Korea, Kim Yu Jeong. The girl began her career as a TV star at the age of six, and now, in front of the astonished audience, she has turned from a child actress to an actress, a beautiful young woman who has a rich acting portfolio by her 17 years. She even managed to play in the Hollywood horror film “Room 731”.

However, this is not all the surprises of the cast: in the series, the idol, lead singer of the B1A4 group Jong Jing Yong, is also shot. This fact attracts special attention to the drama, as the group has a huge number of fans all over the world, the number of which grew after their world tour, which included all the countries of Asia, Europe and the USA.

The plot of the drama tells the story of a girl hiding from the authorities and therefore forced to impersonate the man Hon Ra He. Having a rather adventurous character, an enterprising girl managed to establish herself as a connoisseur in love affairs and even earn a lot by giving advice to men who want to find happiness in love.

One day, fate brings Hon Ra to the Crown Prince, who also prefers to periodically pretend to be another person. Since their first meeting was held in a rather unpleasant and foul-smelling setting, Hon Ra He, getting into the royal palace as a eunuch, is not particularly pleased that from now on she will have to constantly meet with the prince, and also help him comprehend the science of love relationships .

The action of the drama takes place in the XIX century during the rule of the Joseon dynasty. And this means that on the screen we will see beautiful scenery, breathtaking costumes, corresponding to the fashion of the time, as well as stunning landscapes and architecture.

Interestingly, the producers' rates for this series were not too high, because at the same time it started on the SBS channel the series “Scarlet hearts of Koryo”, which caste was literally overwhelming with the number of cult youth stars. However, as is often the case, ratings of spectator interest reacted unexpectedly: the Dorama "Moonlight painted by clouds" broke all rating records, leaving Scarlet Hearts far behind. It seems that this alone is a fairly strong argument in favor of the fact that the series is worth seeing.

The series is filmed in a genre of intrigue in demand in Asia based on the plot of the very popular Internet novel Yun Yoo Su and is a quality-made historical romantic comedy. If you like such TV shows, you will definitely like the dorama.

"Mercenary Quarry" ("Quarry"), USA

In September, the American TV channel CineMax presented a new crime teledram. Directed by Greg Yattans and John Hillcoat - not new to the business, and their portfolio is impressive: here is Dr. House, and “Survive”, and “The most drunk district in the world”, and most importantly - the TV series “Banshee”.

In addition, the series’s soundtrack is largely based on the songs of the legendary soul singer Otis Redding, who left this world at the age of 26, but managed even in such a short way of life to become a classic of soul music.

Quarry is the codename of a sniper who fought in Vietnam, returned home and suddenly discovered that in the homeland his military exploits are not only not valued, but even despised.

The attitude of ordinary Americans to the Vietnam War in the early 1970s underwent significant changes: the image of the American soldier was demonized, and the Vietnamese Americans showed more and more sympathy, suspecting the uselessness and cruelty of this war. As a result, the hero who returned from the war, to which the country sent him, turned out to be not only without money and glory, but without family, beloved woman and friends — the whole world seems to have turned away from him.

Naturally, Quarry is trying to find an application to his abilities, as a result of which he becomes a hired killer. Gradually, he learns that corruption and contract killings are only part of a huge and cruel world that exists in parallel with the calm and measured life of civilians throughout the Mississippi coast. And in this underground world, the experience and talents of Quarry help him to become the coolest and most dangerous killer, which results in a real hunt.

The main role of a mercenary Quarry played Logan Marshall-Green - the star of the TV series "24 hours" and "Law and Order." Now the actor is acting in the film “Spiderman: Returning Home” and in some incomprehensible way combines work on the franchise with filming in this serious TV project.

I must say, in the role of Quarry, Logan Marshall-Green is incredibly good - he managed to transform himself flawlessly into a mercenary with a heavy military past, while he felt the spirit of the 70s and added the necessary retro strokes to his image.

His partners in the frame were Jody Balfour from “The Visitors” and “The Supernatural” and the owner of the Cannes palm branch for his role in the film “My name is Joe” Peter Mullan, also known to us from the works in the TV series “What Does Olivia Know” and in the film “Thugs”.

The series will appeal to those who love detective stories in the spirit of "Banshee." The rest is worth a look at this new work by director Greg Yaitans, if only because in his portfolio at the moment there is not a single work in progress - absolutely all his projects deserve attention. We are sure that it will be the same with “Quarry”.

And we are waiting for you with another portion of the serial premieres of September, so do not switch!

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