Brownie - what is he?

Once the Slavs on April 1 marked the awakening of the brownie. Typically, the keeper of the home in the winter is not too zealous, performing the duties assigned to him. He slept somewhere in a secluded place and didn’t blow, only occasionally getting out.

With the onset of spring, hibernation ended. The brownie, like a bear lair, left the shelter and woke around awake, bumping into furniture and utensils.

That water will shed a sleepy poor fellow, then flour sprinkles. The hosts laughed, seeing traces of sluggishness. And over time, they themselves began to poke fun in the same way at home and at neighbors. What is not "informational occasion" for the announcement of April 1, originally a Russian holiday?

Well, it's not about the reason, but about the brownie. Who is he? The Slavs have a brownie — a kut god, a home spirit, a patron and master of the dwelling, a guarantor of normal life, fertility and health.

In different places ancestors called him in different ways. Where is the grandfather, where is the lizun, where is the neighbor, the old man or the fast. Despite the fact that after the baptism of Russia, the brownie was ranked as an evil spirit, he almost looked like a man.

According to the description of V.I. Dahl, the brownie is shown to people in different guises. Usually - a small tightly knocked down man, dressed for the weather. Then in a blue caftan, in a gloomy zipun, or even in one shirt, if it is a hot summer outside.

Whatever the brownie or put on, shoes and hats, he does not recognize. Always, even in the most severe frost, he walks only barefoot and bareheaded.

Combing gray-bearded grandfather does not like. Hair is matted, but, surprisingly, trimmed. Follows, therefore, for itself, although it does not give appearance a lot of time.

Excluding the face, the whole body of the brownie is probably covered with a soft down or hair. Under the clothes are not visible, but on the tracks you can see prints of hairs.

Sometimes, showing, probably, an arrangement, the brownie strokes sleeping people in the face. They later recall the soft, silky touch of the palms and long, cold nails. For those who sleep especially hard, the brownie can pinch so hard that a bruise will remain. Think later where it came from.

He speaks brownie extremely rarely. Sometimes he will push a person in the middle of the night, but he is silent, explained by touch. With a shaggy hand he touches - to wealth, warm - to good, cold and rough - to lose weight. In addition, to make it clearer, she may cry or laugh.

By nature, the brownie is kindly, but he likes to play pranks, sometimes quite violently. Favorite entertainment is hiding things. If someone dislikes - will surely survive from home, and even ruin it altogether.

But if the owners love him, the little house is ready to do anything for them, just to please. At night, when everyone is asleep, he sweeps, cleans, scrapes and washes everything that escaped people's attention.

Horses, especially black and gray - the subject of hot love patron of the house. He strokes them, cleans, caresses, decorates manes and tails with pigtails. While the owners are sleeping, the brownie is not averse to riding a horse through the village. Who does not like to drive fast?

Because of the passion for horses, grooms do not like grooms, they are jealous. Hardly that - accuse of own oversight. Littering a horse - just as a brownie had knocked down her leg. The animal worries at night - again its fault, it pulls the horse by the ears all night long.

In general, a brownie is a very comfortable spirit, with the help of which ancestors explained both their shortcomings and incomprehensible phenomena.

Timid and excitable, protecting calm, blamed him on any creak in the house. The ignoramuses referred to the brownie, stopping their pesky reflections. The crooks survived neighbors, rogues and fraudsters cheated for profit.

Over the years, the influence of brownies on our lives has waned. If the ancestors, trying to avoid trouble, appeased the congregation, modern residents of high-rise buildings insure property. Nevertheless, many of us, changing their homes, continue to flaunt old shoes and call our brownie to a new place. A fairy tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it ...

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