What secrets does mystical opal hide?

Uniqueness in the world of jewels

Opal has gained fame for the most mystical jewels. And the one who has ever seen this gem, unconditionally agree with this. Opal stone enchants, amazes and falls in love at first sight. And all thanks to its unusual, even a little unearthly, appearance.

The stone has a unique feature - opalescence. That same play of light, forcing the opal to overflow and take a new look at the slightest turn of it, is this optical effect.

Another distinctive feature of this precious mineral is its fragility. Opal requires a particularly delicate attitude to itself, and all because it does not possess a crystalline structure, as the bulk of precious stones. Due to its characteristics, opal can dim, change color, deform and even grow old.

In addition, opal has a slight weakness - water and coolness. The stone does not like overheating (because the cabochon is the best setting for it) and can crack if it loses its natural supply of water. In order to “revive” the mineral, it is only necessary to lower it for a short time into the cool water.

Mystery of origin

A large proportion of the mystical and mysterious in opal accounts for its origin. Despite the cosmic and unnatural appearance, opal is still a natural mineral. Although his education is not so simple: we can say that opal comes from the center of the Earth. Since most of the species of this gem is formed in volcano vents.

Not surprisingly, the appearance of opals is fanned by many legends. According to one of them, tears of gods turned into opals: for example, tears of joy of Zeus after the crushing of the titans.

The legends associated with opal are as varied as the palette of its types (for only one color opal is divided into a hundred varieties!). Some minerals are so different from each other that they can hardly be called by one name. In addition, some are considered truly precious, while others are only semi-precious gems.

Conquered great love

The most valuable, rare and desirable type of opal is without a doubt black opal. His "iridescence" is the brightest, distinct. With its beauty, fire opal can be exaggerated, also featuring a bright, saturated fiery red with overflows.

These precious minerals are found all over the world, but Australia, a little Mexico, Japan, the USA, and Brazil are considered the main places of opal mining. Ethiopia gave the world such unique types of opal as translucent milk and chocolate with an amazing contrast opalescence.

By the way, the most famous and, in the opinion of the majority, the most perfect and unusually beautiful opal is rainbow opal "Rainbow of the Virgin"found in Australia. This continent is today considered the main homeland of opals. It is here that the most valuable and beautiful views of this precious mineral are mined and found.

In addition to the precious opals, which fascinate with their magnificent radiance and pearlescent modulations, there are also ordinary opals and half pits. They are also distinguished by an unusual appearance, and at the same time they have a relatively low cost. The most popular types among them are: cat's eye opal, woody (woody) opal.

Healing and magical properties

And of course, such an unusual gem could not be ignored by superstition. Opal is credited with many magical properties of the widest spectrum of action. He is simultaneously considered both the most healing, and almost deadly, bringing one grief, disappointment and suffering.

However, the most often magical properties of a stone are described as a psycho-emotional indicator and a regulator. So, with what thoughts to wear it, so it will “act”. But as for me (and quite a few women will agree with this), just one kind of magical opal play can lift your spirits and set up a positive mood.

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